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20170321 alycheer recordcourierThe Roosevelt Cheerleaders had a nice big article on the front page of the sports section in the Record Courier for their runner up position at the OASSA State Championships. I realize this article is right next to the other one so I won't get too wordy about the accomplishment.

Good job to all the girls and especially Aly!

20170304 alystaterunnerupBetween Nathan's broken foot from cross-country, Nathan’s ripped quad from baseball, Brandon's stress fracture from the first cross country meet and Brandon breaking his nose the first day of baseball tryouts, at least one of the Giuntos is having success in sports. Sorry boys.

Aly’s high school cheerleading team got through regionals and made it to the state championships. We were already super proud of her for earning a position on the competition team, so for her getting to go to states, was pretty incredible. Especially as a freshman.

The whole family went down to The Ohio State University to watch the final competition on March 4. We were lucky enough to pick up Abby Wagner along the way and she gave us a tour of her campus and her dorm. It is an amazing campus.

The competition itwself was pretty awesome with 19 total teams competing. I could tell right away they had a great routine yet were among alot of other great schools.

As they announced the placings, working down from 19, passing 15, then 10, then 5, we all got us all excited and the final countdown all the way to the final 2 felt like no other. Although hearing us called in the second place position came up short, it didn’t feel like it amongst some pretty major schools and professional programs. Especially when we found out they missed State Champions by 1 point!

Also love that Brandon's broken nose is forever importalized in this photo.

Super proud of you Aly and the team and looking forward to many more years of cheer.

Brandon's LicenseIt's official, Brandon got his license today and he's stoked, even though his picture doesn't say "stoked".

He breezed through both tests and got the the magic card to his freedom. Or really magic card to cart his butt around.

As always, that first trip leaving the house by himself had Jean and I cringing.  Another step in spinning the wheel of life. Good luck Brandon and be safe!

20161109 aly cheercompetitionProud of aly and her Kent Roosevelt competition cheer team.  They took first place in the Suburban League Cheer Competition this last weekend.

Here's the full writeup from the Record Courier.

The Kent Roosevelt High School cheerleaders recently won the team competition championship for the American Conference at the annual Suburban League competition hosted at Brecksville-Broadview Heights High School. The Routh Riders' cheer team includes (front row from left to right) Amy Montgomery, Mimi Freeman, Meredith Hartsook, Riley Atkinson, Emme Lenzo, Niarra Gooden-Clarke, Halle Jordon, Courtney Kenworthy, head coach Renee Manning. (Back row from left to right) coach Elizabeith Lenzo, Abby Madej, Mia Carey, Emma Combs-Bennet, Madison Bauza, Isa Kreiner, Aly Giunto, Taijane Johnson, Jajah Wright. 

20161111 nate senior photosA big thank you to Matt Murphy for his outstading work on Nate's senior photos.

Below is a link to a very large gallery of the experience.

Nate's Senior Photo Gallery

20161014 aly pinkoutAly at the Kent Roosevelt cheerleaders were photographed in front of the rock at her high school during Pink Out game.

Here's the writeup from the Record Courier.

Kent Roosevelt is painting "The Rock" in front of the high school pink, in honor of Rough Rider football team's upcoming "Pink Out", which will take place at the team's last home game of the season against Copley on October 21. Kickoff is at 7 p.ml, and the evening will conclude with the marching bankd illuminating the field in "Script Kent" tradition. T-shirts will be for sale for $6 during the game. The team plans to donate a portion of the proceeds from the T-shirt sales to breast cancer research. Pictured above are: Fooball - seniors Nick Spicer and Nate Talley; juniors Kelvon Blackmon, Payne Hartman, Cole McDougal, Mingsho Subba, Travis Verh and Jordan Welch, sophomores Ty Chlad, Blake Holcomb, Henry Shepart and Bill Wolford; freshman CJ Anderson and Nick Rothaermel. Cheerleaders - Madison Bauza, Mimi Freeman, Aly Giunto, Isabella Kreiner and Amy Montgomery. Bank - Alexis Hazelwood and Mark Rocco.

20161009 navy enlistment anniversaryNobody who joins the military ever forgets the date they join. It's as second nature as their birthday, the date they get married or the date of their first child. Guess I’m feeling kind of nostalgic coming up on my 25th anniversary of the date I joined the NAVY. Having just finished up scanning over a thousand old pictures, I thought I’d put together a complete photo album of my US Navy tour. After looking through all the photos of these 4 whirlwind years of my life, I realize it was an experience of a lifetime that I would not have traded for anything. Proud to be a NAVY veteran.

Here is a "raw" PHOTO GALLERY that includes many of the activities and destinations of my tour.

Some highlights of my 4 years include:
  • Shooting automatic weapons & thumping M203 grenades with a Seal Team at AP Hill
  • Being Plane Captain/Landing Signalman Enlisted and working on the flight deck of an aircraft carrier
  • Sailing two six-month Mediterranean cruises and logging over 15 months at sea
  • Loading 2 of our helicopters into, and flying in a C5 Galaxy... the largest US aircraft
  • Watching/feeling a Phalanx weapon system shoot 75 rounds per second
  • Living 8-weeks on a cot in a tent eating MRE’s in Cuba during the Haiti conflict
  • Launching off an aircraft carrier in a C2 Greyhound
  • Transiting the Suez Canal twice

Destinations, assignments & liberty in the US:

  • Great Lakes, Illinois
  • Millington, Tennessee
  • Memphis, Tennessee
  • Jacksonville Florida
  • Daytona Beach, Florida
  • Pax River, Maryland
  • AP Hill, Virginia
  • Washington, DC
  • Norfolk, Virginia
  • Cherry Point, North Carolina
  • Fallon, Nevada
  • Reno, Nevada

Liberty ports & destinations over seas:

  • St Marten, Virgin Islands
  • Autec, Bahamas
  • Guantanamo Bay Cuba
  • Naples, Italy
  • Rome, Italy
  • Brindisi, Italy
  • Corfu, Greece
  • Rhodes, Greece
  • Haifa, Israel
  • Jerusalem, Israel
  • Bethlehem, Israel
  • Jebel Ali, United Arab Emirates

Waters I’ve sailed:

  • Atlantic Ocean
  • Caribbean Sea
  • Mediterranean Sea
  • Ionian Sea
  • Adriatic Sea
  • Red Sea
  • Arabian Sea
  • Gulf of Aden
  • Gulf of Oman
  • Persian Gulf

Aircraft I flew in:

  • Boeing DC-9 Passenger Jet (Several Flights)
  • Boeing 707 Passenger Jet (Several Flights)
  • Boeing 727 Passenger Jet (Several Flights)
  • H-60F Seahawk (USS Theodore Roosevelt to Brindisi, Italy)
  • HH-60H Seahawk (Several Flights)
  • C-130 Hercules (Norfolk, Virginia to Autec, Bahamas)
  • C5 Galaxy (Norfolk, Virginia to Guantanamo Bay, Cuba)
  • H-47 Chinook (Guantanamo Bay, Cuba to USS America)
  • C2 Greyhound (USS Theodore Roosevelt to Sicily, Italy)

Naval Ships I sailed on:

  • CVN-71 USS Theodore Roosevelt (471 days)
  • CV-66 USS America (7-days)

Nate made the Record Courier when he was captured in a photo of the Roosevelt Rowdies before a Friday night game. Front row, all the way on the right.

20160927 roughriderrowdies

20160718 emeraldisleThis year's family vacation took us and the Keba family (some of them!) to Emerald Isle, NC with a slight detour through Alexandria, VA on our way there. 

Looking for somewhere to spend the night until we checked into our Condo on Sunday, we spend a night in Alexandria, VA which is just 5 miles south of Washington DC.

As luck would have it, the city of Alexandria was celebrating its yearly celebration and our hotel was 3 blocks from the center of festivities at a local park including an  orchestra and fireworks over the Potomoc. A walk down King Street can't be missed if ever in Alexandria too.

We ended up loving Emerald Isle and would go there again in the future. It's not as touristy as Myrtle or even North Myrtle Beach but not as desolate as the true outter banks. Still a couple restaurants to choose from and some putt-putt for the kids... and me. And the beaches were clean, with white sand, nice waves and beautiful.

With perfect timing, Dylan was fresh back from a mini-deployment to the Baltic Sea and got to spend a few days with us and caravan the trip home to start his 10 day leave.

We took a half-hour drive up to Atlantic Beach during the week and rented a pontoon boat for the day which turned out to be the highlight of the trip.  Everyone had a blast swimming in the intercoastal and visiting Shackleford Island and seeing wild horses. Highlights were jumping the waves with the pontoon boat and ancoring at the islands.

Here is a small photo gallery of our vacation.

20160625 missiontripI had the opportunity to go on the week long mission trip with the St Joan of Arc CHAOS Youth Group to Cumberland, Kentucky.  This was the 5th year in a row I was able to chaperone the group. This year was the largest group we’ve taken with 15 kids and 4 adults. Most importantly, Aly was old enough to make the trip, which meant the whole family was able to go. I was excited that Jean was able to experience and visualize all the stories we’ve told her over the past few years.  It was pretty awesome for the whole family to make the trip down and help out the Appalachian region. 

We worked on several projects while down there including:

  • Installing drywall in the church and taping/mudding
  • Replaced a rotted subfloor and laminate in a needy house
  • Installed volleyball posts/net for ours and future groups
  • Fixed a gutter on the convent
  • Worked on the complete residing of a house that had bare untreated wood as exterior walls
  • Painted the bathroom in the dorms
  • Painted the basement of a church in the neighboring city.

20160619 clevelandcavaliers nationalchampions

Cleveland and a national champions are two items that haven't really gone together in my lifetime. As a life-long all-sport Cleveland fan, its been a hard road watching every other team, in every single sport, rise to the top around us, especially the dreaded Steelers.

So glad that this drought has come to an end as the Cleveland Cavaliers win the title in 2016.

This entry had to be post-dated since the whole family was on a mission trip during game 7 of the finals! Yes, damn near off the grid during the most important sports competition of my lifetime. In today's total connectivity age, we found ourselves deep in the mountains of Kentucky with barely enough cell-phone signal to refresh a google-score. I felt like I was in the 1930's huddled around a radio, envisioning what was going on. It was terrible not being able to watch history unfold, but to ultimately see the time left reaching 00:00 and Cavs still in the lead was the only trigger we had to start celebrating, and that we did.

Both guys and girls dorms emptied into the common space and screamed and celebrated at nearly midnight in a tiny church in the tiny coal-mining town of Cumberland, everyone else in the town, likely asleep not caring about what was going on. It was an incredible moment and anyone in Northeast Ohio will know exactly where they were at this moment in time.

20160610 fishingboatWe’re super excited to have a new fishing boat. It’s the same style boat pops had for several years that Pops, Nate and I went out on several times. Brandon was never old enough to go out before pops sold it and Brandon's always let me know that. :) I’ve thought about it many times over the past several years but the right boat at the right price just came along. It’s a small 14 foot aluminum v-bottom boat but just what we need to get out on the small lakes around here. Our first trip out, the day after I got it, took us to Mosquito Reservoir to test out it’s float ability and 2 motors.  All worked well, and although we got skunked without a single bite, we had a great time motoring (or rocking!) around the lake and enjoying each other’s company. Can’t wait to get the girls out on the water.

20160531 memorialday salbergcampWell it's been along time coming.  Since all of our friends have taken up camping with us, we haven't made it back to Salberg Camp in over 2 years. With everyone's schedule crazy this Memorial Day weekend, we were able to make the treck back to the place that kicked off our camping ventures. Camp Salberg.

As always we had and awesome, quiet, relaxing weekend. Although too cold to have fun swimming, we had a blast around camp and took a great hike on the Indian Trail at Cooks Forest. Lots of frisbee, singing, baseball,ring-hook-thingy, bang-bangs and sea-stories kept us busy the whole weekend.

Thanks to Mark and Joy for inviting everyone to their place time and time again.

Here's a small photo gallery of some of the fun.

20160513 jeanalydcMarking probably the last field trip either Jean or I will chaperone, Jean was able to go with Aly’s 8th grade class to Washington DC. Since I have  been there four times already and went with both Nathan and Brandon’s class, I would have been a hog to go there again before Jean went once! It’s one of my favorite field trips and they got to see most all the major monuments. Jean and I's favorite one is the halocaust museum which is just incredible.

Can't wait to go there as a family some-time.

20160413 alyson annieReally proud and excited to see Aly in her role as Annie in the 8th grade play at St Patrick School.  

She's been practicing like crazy and excited and nervous about it.

It's playing at the Kent Stage on the corner of Main St & Depeyster and if you're able to make it, it's FREE.

Showtimes are Friday, April 15 at 12:30p and 7:00p as well as Saturday, April 16 at 12:30p.

This article appeared in the Record Courier ealier this week.

Good Luck Aly.

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