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Here are some of my favorite YouTube videos. I'll continually update this when I find ones I like. This'll save you hours of surfing to get right to the good stuff. Some of the titles are self explanatory, some may require a looksee.

I've included anything that makes me laugh out loud, said wow, or make me scratch my head.


Redneck Bungie

Prank Wars 7 - The Half Court Shot

Friend Electrocuted Shock! Prank

Stuck in Tsunami

Invisible Rope Prank

Evolution of Dance

Dude transports 20 bricks on his head

Danny MacASkill - Inspired Bicycles

Football player tackles own punt returner

Warehouse Accident

Indian Baby vs Cobra


Welcome to my new web site. This new site design although limiting my creativity slightly will allow me much easier updating and modifying from here on out.

I've also integrated a blog into the site so I can update lots of odds and ends that didn't quite warrant an entry in my previous feature area. I have gone back (retro) and added my old feature items in as blog entries so all the content from my old site has been brought forward.

The most popular photo and video galleries have come forward intact as well.

Be sure to check back often as there will be much more updating than in the past.

Brandon's coach pitch team who was sponsored by Murphy's Photography this year, (www.murphys-photo.com) had an incredible season with a record of  12-1-1. The one loss they had was due to a forfeit because of so many kids on vacation.

They won all 3 games in the single-elimination tournament to win first place in it.

His primary positions were pitcher and second base and he did great in both of them.

As for as his brother and sister's team. Nathan's (my) team had a great regular season at 12-4 but couldn't finish strong in the tournaments and placed 3rd.

Aly's pig-tail team was..... well.... terrible winning only one game all year.




Just a little publicity for our church.  I designed/developed an all new content managed web site for our church recently.  It just went live in July. It's pretty nifty, full of features and can be updated from anywhere with any computer.

Visit it at: www.sjoa-church.org

I've finally dove into the world of remote control airplanes.  I've been wanting to for a long time but cost has prevented it.

As a replacement gift for the RC helicopter which I quickly crashed and sent back, this plane flies much easier.

I've gotten a couple dozen flights under my belt now and have crashed it hard about 5 times. :) Luckily it's very durable and parts are easy to replace.


After being bugged to death by the kids to make another movie, I awoke one Saturday morning with a great idea. After a few sketches and less than an hour planning, we have our next feature film. "The Boy Who Could Fly". Brought to you by the same creators of "Star Kids".


20090322 springhikeWe went on our annual spring hike last week. We decided to go across the street this year to expand our boundaries, as if the 60 acres behind us isn't enough. It actually isn't! This year we had Zack, Dylan, Nick, Jacob, Nate Brandon and I on the excursion. We only went for 3 hours but felt like a whole day. After using google earth to map our course afterward, it turns out our hike took us 2.87 miles over some fun terrain.

Here is a photo gallery of the hike.

I also put together a chronological virtual hike of the event.

20090123_catholicschoolparentsOur family had a callout in the Catholic Exponent regarding Catholic school parents.

The Giunto family, of Streetsboro St.Joan of Arc parish and school, pause for a photo during a Christmas activity at the school. Pictured are parents Jean and Steve, with from left. Brandon, Nathan and Alyson.

Not much to say.

Hope things don't go downhill.

20080927 newspaper alyJust another snippet of Aly in the newspaper.  Besides for being called Amy, it's a pretty cute picture.

It was taken at the Streetsboro Expo.

Here's the snippet for the search engines!

Amy Giunto, who just turned 6 on Wednesday, shows off her freshly painted face Saturday at the Streetsboro Community Showcase & Business Expo.

Welcome to Katie and Andy's new baby boy.

Alex Black joined us in the afternoon of September 17, 2008.

He was 10lbs even and 21-3/4 inches long.

Big brother drew is happy as a peach.

The Frog Prince is yet another home movie.  We kind of winged it in a period of less than an hour, so it's not one of our best.

The kids and I made another home movie.  We sat down for several hours with very brief direction and made a semi-successful movie.

This movie was modeled after a talkshow setting with Nate being the host. Nate's adlibbing needed some help. It includes interviews by Brandon Giunto and Dylan Keba.  The talkshow portions aren't all that exciting, however don't miss the 3 commercial spots featuring Nick Keba and a guest appearance by Jared Tuma who happened to be over.

Streetsboro family days is a great yearly event put on by a group of dedicated citizens.

Jean and I volunteer dozens of hours at the beer tent each year to benefit our "Catholic School Parents" group at St Joan of Arc.

I designed the SFD logo and web site for them. Nothing special but it needed to have a CMS back-end for them to update.

Visit ther website at: www.streetsborofamilydays.org

2008 Talking StrategyI was photographed teaching Brandon's Parks & Recreation basketball team this winter. This was in the Gateway News.

Coach Steve Giunto takes a moment to talk strategy with his team of 8 and 9-year-old boys in a Jan. 14 basketball practice at Streetsboro Municipal Building.

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