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20160619 clevelandcavaliers nationalchampions

Cleveland and a national champions are two items that haven't really gone together in my lifetime. As a life-long all-sport Cleveland fan, its been a hard road watching every other team, in every single sport, rise to the top around us, especially the dreaded Steelers.

So glad that this drought has come to an end as the Cleveland Cavaliers win the title in 2016.

This entry had to be post-dated since the whole family was on a mission trip during game 7 of the finals! Yes, damn near off the grid during the most important sports competition of my lifetime. In today's total connectivity age, we found ourselves deep in the mountains of Kentucky with barely enough cell-phone signal to refresh a google-score. I felt like I was in the 1930's huddled around a radio, envisioning what was going on. It was terrible not being able to watch history unfold, but to ultimately see the time left reaching 00:00 and Cavs still in the lead was the only trigger we had to start celebrating, and that we did.

Both guys and girls dorms emptied into the common space and screamed and celebrated at nearly midnight in a tiny church in the tiny coal-mining town of Cumberland, everyone else in the town, likely asleep not caring about what was going on. It was an incredible moment and anyone in Northeast Ohio will know exactly where they were at this moment in time.

20160610 fishingboatWe’re super excited to have a new fishing boat. It’s the same style boat pops had for several years that Pops, Nate and I went out on several times. Brandon was never old enough to go out before pops sold it and Brandon's always let me know that. :) I’ve thought about it many times over the past several years but the right boat at the right price just came along. It’s a small 14 foot aluminum v-bottom boat but just what we need to get out on the small lakes around here. Our first trip out, the day after I got it, took us to Mosquito Reservoir to test out it’s float ability and 2 motors.  All worked well, and although we got skunked without a single bite, we had a great time motoring (or rocking!) around the lake and enjoying each other’s company. Can’t wait to get the girls out on the water.

20160531 memorialday salbergcampWell it's been along time coming.  Since all of our friends have taken up camping with us, we haven't made it back to Salberg Camp in over 2 years. With everyone's schedule crazy this Memorial Day weekend, we were able to make the treck back to the place that kicked off our camping ventures. Camp Salberg.

As always we had and awesome, quiet, relaxing weekend. Although too cold to have fun swimming, we had a blast around camp and took a great hike on the Indian Trail at Cooks Forest. Lots of frisbee, singing, baseball,ring-hook-thingy, bang-bangs and sea-stories kept us busy the whole weekend.

Thanks to Mark and Joy for inviting everyone to their place time and time again.

Here's a small photo gallery of some of the fun.

20160513 jeanalydcMarking probably the last field trip either Jean or I will chaperone, Jean was able to go with Aly’s 8th grade class to Washington DC. Since I have  been there four times already and went with both Nathan and Brandon’s class, I would have been a hog to go there again before Jean went once! It’s one of my favorite field trips and they got to see most all the major monuments. Jean and I's favorite one is the halocaust museum which is just incredible.

Can't wait to go there as a family some-time.

20160413 alyson annieReally proud and excited to see Aly in her role as Annie in the 8th grade play at St Patrick School.  

She's been practicing like crazy and excited and nervous about it.

It's playing at the Kent Stage on the corner of Main St & Depeyster and if you're able to make it, it's FREE.

Showtimes are Friday, April 15 at 12:30p and 7:00p as well as Saturday, April 16 at 12:30p.

This article appeared in the Record Courier ealier this week.

Good Luck Aly.

20151106 summer champsUnfortunately there's not alot on my website regarding my niece, Summer Heidish. The 1000 miles between us is something the Giunto clan isn't used to with close family!

Congratulations in winning 1st in the state (Florida) with your team in your event, the 200 medley relay.

Summer along with her teammates Caroline White, Claire Maiocco and Grace Olivardia beat their school record while winning state, with a time of 1:42:98.

Congratulations Summer. Always rewarding when hard work pays off!

20151024 dylan bootcampWe had a pretty awesome last couple days at Parris Island, South Carolina. 

We had a whole group of the family (12 of us) that went down for Dylan's Marine Corps bootcamp graduation which took place on October 23. The family day and graduation festivities are done very well and well worth the trek down, even if we were in the state around 48 hours! Made for a grueling road trip, down and back.

It's been a long 12 weeks that I'm sure he's glad is over. Just thinking about his last 3 months brought up lots of memories from my Navy bootcamp, which was nowhere near as physically demanding. An accomplishment that can never be taken away from him.

A huge congratulations to him for attaining the "High Shooter" award in his company which included around 489 recruits from 6 platoons. Not sure if he realizes what an accomplishment that is. Great work. I think Nate is trying to take credit for that from all the years of airsoft battles on the compound.

He's home on leave for a bit, then off to infantry training at Camp Lejeune, and ultimately off to see the world!

Again, congratulations and God speed!

20150720 missiontripFor the 4th year in a row I accompanied the st joan of arc youth group to kentucky for their week long summer mission trip. Nate, Brandon and I were all able to make the trip this year. Our 9 kids and 3 adults while meeting up with 24 other kids, all rode the ‘big-bus’ down this year, which was a first for our small group, having always had our own van in the past.  We stayed at the new mission center at St Stephen’s church in Cumberland Kentucky. It serves as a great base-camp for our efforts.

We were able to work on several individuals' homes, meeting lots of incredibly nice and humble people that thanked us tremendously. We had a varying amount of tasks through the area. Here are some of the things we all did:

  • Installed new exterior door on a house
  • Removed and replaced 4 windows in a home
  • Painted the complete exterior of a house and most of the church's rectory
  • Visited a local nursing home
  • Performed some basic repairs and cleaned up another catholic church in a nearby city
  • Helped stock and then distribute TONS of food at the local food-bank
  • Made miscellaneous home repairs such as hand-rails, hanging porch ceilings & patching homes
  • Were all cued up to help the "sisters" run VBS but unfortunately, no kids were able to make it!

Rain kept us down a bit, but it didn’t keep us out. We will did ALOT of great work every day. And with hours and hours of cards, volleyball & swimming, the kids had a blast during free-time.

Thanks sis (Tina) and Rick for being great chaperoning company.

As always, John and Harold lead the crusade, thanks for devoting your entire summer to the mission. And thanks to all who donate to The Diocese of Youngstown as they fund most of the operations and give us a great venue to let our kids do good work.

20150629 florida vacationIt’s been a couple years since we took a family vacation so we were ALL looking forward to getting out of town by the time vacation actually hit last week.

Being no strangers to long car-trips, we packed up the family and began our 16 hour drive to Orlando, via a detour in Jacksonville to stop by my old Navy Base (NAS Jacksonville) as well as cruising through our old neighborhood.

We ended the road trip in Daytona Beach to spend a couple days with family. Thanks again to Scott and Diana Devault for putting my whole family up for 2-days and feeding us until we couldn’t eat any more. It was a great pre-vacation vacation with you guys! Yankees doing southern hospitality right.

The following week itself was just as awesome staying at the Summer Bay Resort in Orlando. The first time we’ve ever stayed at such a place. Beautiful condo, lots of space, many pools and nice lake with toys. It was great for Teresa and Summer to come and visit with us a couple days as well.

We hit SeaWorld and Bush Gardens this trip down. SeaWorld being a favorite and Bush Gardens being one we’ve never gone too. All 3 are roller-coaster fanatics now that their older. Lightening and rain unfortunately chased us out of both parks earlier than hoped. Tall steel roller-coasters and storm clouds don’t mix apparently.

After 2,500 total miles on the caravan and a LONG trip home, it was back to the grind.

20150530 washingtondcfieldtripI chaperoned a field trip with Brandon’s 8th grade class from St Pats this last week. We had an awesome 4 FULL days of touring that left everyone exhausted. I made this trip once before with Nate so I suppose I’ll let Jean go next year with Aly seeing as she’s never been to DC before!

It’s pretty amazing how much we got to see. I logged 23 miles of walking over the 4 days! My highlight was watching some fool jump a fence at the whitehouse and get put to the ground.

Here's a photo gallery of the field trip.

Incredible job organizing to Mrs. McCrady and Mrs. Palmer. Here is a list of things we saw and experienced this week.

  • Arlington National Cemetery (& Changing of the Guard)
  • Vietnam Memorial
  • Korean Memorial
  • Lincoln Memorial
  • Reflecting Pool and Mall
  • World War II Memorial
  • Iwo Jima Memorial
  • National Archives
  • Air & Space Smithsonian
  • U.S. Capital
  • City of Alexandria
  • Basilica of the National Shrine of the Immaculate Conception
  • Halocaust Museum
  • Pentagon 9/11 Memorial
  • Washington Monument
  • Air Force Memorial
  • Whitehouse
  • FDR Memorial
  • MLK Memorial
  • Jefferson Memorial
  • Mount Vernon

20150422 rockrollinductionceremonyJean and I had an awesome time this last weekend at the 2015 Rock and Roll Hall of Fame induction ceremony at Public Hall in Cleveland.

Turns out it’s only in Cleveland every 3 years, rotating between CLE, LA & NY. We scored the 2 tickets through my work and Jean was jacked about it all week long.  

Not being a music buff, I wasn’t as excited, however once we got there and I realized how awesome it was, and we had a blast. Being able to see so much talent in 1 place was incredible and likely something we’ll never experience again.

During the 6 hour show… yes 6 hours… we saw all of the following perform…. in no particular order; Green Day, Stevie Wonder, Joan Jett and the Blackhearts, John Mayer, Ringo Starr, Paul McCartney, Zac Brown, John Legend, Bill Withers, Miley Cyrus & Beck. Amazing!

Thanks for the tickets Rich!

20150308 catholicfamilyoftheyearWow, I was definitely caught off guard at church this last weekend when the Knights of Columbus presented us with the 2015 Catholic Family of the Year award. A great appreciation to whomever was involved in giving this award to our family.

I can’t say how super-proud it made me that we all were recognized to that extent. Many thanks to Jean and the kids as you all really help keep me on point and make me want to be the best I can be.

The recognition the kids received at church and at the KofC Founders Day Dinner is really what makes the heart warm. They’ve definitely been mine and Jean’s driving force over the past 16 years, so it’s good to feel they have a better-than-average chance of not becoming dirt-bags.

20150112 ohiostate nationalchampionsBoy it finally feels good to have the home team win a championship.

I'll be a Browns, Cavaliers and Indians fan until the day I die, but I certainly thought I would have seen one of them win the big game at this point in my life.

I've watched all 3 of my home-town teams come so close over the years but never got to live in the glory of being the champion.

It was awesome to watch Ohio State trounce Oregon in the National Championship game and bring home the first National Championship of College Football.

Thank you Ohio State for keeping my spirits up for the home team!

Every few months a bird will fly into our garage and for some reason can't fly back out through the gigantic garage door opening.

Well this cardinal did just that and after an hour of trying to catch him and chase him out, learned alot about  him, including his love for bright lights (aka: flashlight), which ultimately got him to land on my head.... almost on command!

We had a fun night of it and finally got him chased out of the garage.

20150104 aly nutcracker newspaperThe Moscow Ballet came into town (Cleveland) a few months ago and selected several kids to dance in their production of The Nutcracker.

Aly's been practicing with the other girls for a couple months and finally just before Christmas, had her bright and shiny moment.

The performace was on December 22 at the Music Hall in Cleveland and with family and friends, we brought a huge cheering section for her. I secretly think that's part of their marketing plan to get more butts in seats.

It was the first Ballet I have ever been to, and after about 60 seconds, I asked Jean why nobody was talking.

It was pretty cool to see her and Ella up there on stage as support dancers and I'm pretty proud of her.

The Gateway news picked up a photo of her and Ella in their Christmas memories section.

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