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20140325 cashforcrittersAly's class took park in the Cash for Critters benefit at St Pats. She's towards the middle-left of the photo. Below is their write-up.

The sixth-grade students at St. Patrick Catholic School in Kent held their annual "Cash for Critters" drive to benefit the Portage County Dog Warden and the Animal Protective League. This year, the sixth grade presented Portage County Dog Warden David Mcintyre with a check for $1,275.32 along with enough dog and cat food, treats, blankets and paper towels to fill the back of his truck. To date, -the school has collected a total of$3,188.67, which benefits the animals in Portage County. Pictured above is Mcintyre along with the sixth-grade students at the spirit rally held on St. Patrick's Day.

20140117 catholicexponentWe received a call from the Catholic Exponent wanting to interview us about our desire for Catholic schools for our kids. It was a nice little writeup that we're proud of so I thought I'd put it in my  blog.

Can't really put the whole article in my blog entry but I'll link to the full article.

Full Catholic Exponent Article


Well the 2013 Tour de Brimfield was another great success with Jean's family and a few friends. Starting at Rico's then heading to the Shenendoah and finally ending at Sullys, it was a blast.

Here's a photo gallery of the night.

I thought it was time to make up a few new shirts for the new tour goers but almost everyone ended up getting them and I ended up with an order of 46 shirts!

I have a few extras left over so i thought I'd put them up for sale. Hopefully you're a tour go'er and didn't get a chance to get one on the first go around.

Shirt Cost: $10.00

(Plus Shipping & Handling)

  20131123 tourdebrimfieldshirt

20131112 natevarsityletterJust a little congratulations to Nate on his effort in Cross Country this year. He gave the sport alot of dedication and I loved to see that.

The coaches gave him a "Most Improved" award at the end-of-the year banquet for shaving almost 5 minutes off his time from the beginning of the season to the end. He also qualified for his varsity letter throughout the season.

His best time was at Districts where he broke the twenty minute mark with a 19:54.  He started the season with a 24:11 5K.

Good job bud! I'm proud of you.

20131026 mantashootI had an awesome experience this weekend and thought I'd share it with someone, even if it's just the world via my web site.

Manta, one of our clients at Bark at the Moon has a weapon accessories product line (automatic rifle rail covers, button/switch covers, grip sleeves, etc.) and one of their new products is a supressor sleeve which helps reduce the weapon's heat signature and also protects the shooter from burning themself after a high rate of fire. During the demo, the shooter was able to hold the gun by the supressor after 90 rounds of cyclic fire.

A FLIR video camera was used to capture the heat signature during the demo. It was pretty awesome. I took the opportunity to take a rare thermal selfy as well.

After the demo, I felt 'obligated' to get to know the product-line a little more intimately, as seen below.

Special thanks to Manta (www.manta.us), for the opportunity to visit their private range and demo these products.

And for you enthusiasts, the weapon in the video below was an HK MR762 with; Atlas Bi-Pod, Blue Force Gear Sling, SureFire Supressor, Trijicon SDO optic and of course Manta Rail Guards and Suppressor Cover!

20130928 akronmarathonIt was an awesome day to run in Akron... at least for those people who think running is something fun to do.

Me, Brandon and Aly cheered from the streets as Jean ran in her first half-marathon at the Akron Marathon this morning.  She did awesome and we're pretty damn proud of her dedication. 

Nate ran on a relay team of the full marathon on team "Just Cuz" with his cousins (& aunt). Katie, Becki, Rachel & Joy.

We had lots of other friends and family running in the relays, half and full marathan also. Congrats to Brian, Sam, Nicki & Angela for tackling the full!

It was awesome to cheer on Nate and Jean as they ran in through the Akron Aeros stadium with thousands watching.

Photo props to Matt Murphy for taking an awesome snapshot of Jean around mile 10. Not sure how she was so happy this far into the race.

I still have no idea how she can run for 2 hours and 45 minutes straight.

Go Mommy!

20130911 parkzoneonboardvideoI've wanted to get some aerial video footage from my RC plane for quite awhile now and finally got everything I expected.

Not wanting to invest in any special onboard mounts or camera, Brandon and I dug into the junk drawers to see what we could do.

After some brainstorming and quick sketches, we came up with a poor-man's camera mount with a coat hanger, rubber-bands and duct-tape. We then used one of our old Sony Cybershots I was willing to donate to the cause…. assuming we would get disastrous results.

With some careful planning making sure the plane was balanced and blatent ignoring of aerodynamics, we came up with a successful design and the plane flew as planned. We got some great footage of my house and the surrounding area. And also got some great footage of 3 crashes all in a 10 minute period. Special props to my RC Parkzone Corsair for holding up and NOT sustaining any new damage from 3 crashes including one crash into a tree and dropping 30 feet. Guess I didn't have to worry so much on how I was going to land with a camera mounted underneath the plane.

Below is a YouTube video I put together of the flights... and crashes.

20130903 labordayWell it was great to finally get back to the Salberg Camp in Crowne, PA. It's great to have new camping buddies here at home to keep us trying new campgrounds but there's no place like the place that started it all. Thanks to Mark and Joy for hosting another great weekend.

Thanks to the generosity of everyone, Jean and the kids and I went on our first-ever family quad ride.  It was pretty cool, even if Aly was a bit big for her tiny quad.

Another first was a 2-hour tube ride down the Clarion River in a complete downpour with thunder to keep us a little weary. Besides for the rain for a few minutes it was pretty much as good as it gets for me.

Grilling, bonfires, camp-fire-music, beef jerky, six-mile hike and cheddar-dogs for breakfast were just a few of the highlights.


20130810 warriordash

As expected, the warrior dash turned out another great year with alot of fun and alot of mud.

Thank God they changed up the course a little and didn't hit us with the one mile run up front. That was paintful last year... not to show my hand with my running endurance.

We had a group of about 17 of us this year and tredged through the obstacles together, helping each other through. It was great to include Nate this year too.

There was alot more mud this year so Kudos to whomever mixed up the course. The final obstacle was of course the best with the thickest mud/quicksand I've ever crawled through in my life.

To all my family and friends who made the day great. Thanks. See you next year! And a special thanks to my niece Abby for coming along, staying clean and capturing pictures for us all. Obviously there would be no photo memories without her.

UPDATE: The race results are in. Ouch! Out of the 5,337 racers on Saturday, only 123 finished slower than our group, and for you math junkies, that puts us in the bottom 2.3% of the finishers. Perhaps less mud slinging, tackling and slip'n sliding will improve that time. On the flip side, we all were definitely in the top 2.3% who had the most fun!

20130729 missiontripFor the second year in a row I had the pleasure to go on a week long mission trip with the St Joan of Arc youth group (C.H.A.O.S.) to the Appalachia region.  We worked out of London, Kentucky and visited St. Stephens in Cumberland, KY which will likely be our new destination in years to come. There were 60 more missionaries completely remodeling a house and a church in Cumberland.

We went down with 7 kids and 3 adults and worked hard and played hard all week.

The kids did several things last week such as painting the exterior of a house, hung new gutters, replaced; doors, toilet, sink, hot water heater, resealed a roof and worked at a food pantry.

Some of the highlights in our off-time were; swimming, visiting a coal mining museum, hiking to water falls in the middle of the forest and eating dinner the original Kentucky Fried Chicken.

Here's is a photo gallery of some of the highlights.

20130701 natecoachingendWell it's one more of those unfortunately sad milestones I guess I'll hit now that I'm over 40. But I can keep a smile on my face reflecting back over the years.

I've coached over 20 of Nate's football, basketball and baseball teams for over 10 years now and yesterday was his last baseball game before going into high school where my (structured) coaching of him will end. Won't ever really end!

It's truly been one of the highlights of fatherhood that I can't put a price on.

I'm fairly certain every one of those teams have had Nate's cousin Nick Keba on it as well and having my nephew on the team with us, has also made my coaching time that much more special. Thanks Nick.

Here's a photo of Nate and Nick together in their first year of T-ball in 2003 and another in likely their last year together at 14u in 2013. Ten quick years a'flying by.

The wonder years for him and I!

20130622 parentsanniversaryJust a little entry to congratulate my parents on their 50th Wedding Anniversary which took place on June 15, 2013.

We celebrated the event this weekend at St Joan of Arc. They began by renewing their wedding vows which was witnessed by a huge gathering of family and friends. Following, we had a great reception for them with good eats and great reflecting.

I couldn't be more proud that they're my parents and can't imagine any better role models in my life.

Thank you both for always being there and leading by example. Love you!

20130616 fathersdayHad a great Fathers Day this year with lots of relaxing and spending time with the family.  

The highlight was teaching Aly how to shoot her Great-Grandfather Murphy's pump action .22 rifle.

Like her mother, she's a ridiculously good shot!

Good times!

20130608 mccardles reviewYesterday was the 50th Annivesary of McCardles Dance Studio. As much as Jean does and doesn't want to admit, she has been there for over half of them! This weekends show was their biggest and best show I've ever seen. Lots of great dancing and reflection. Every show I see has a family atmosphere, but that may just be because Jean is always crying.

The highlight for the Giunto family was when Jean and Aly performed a duet to a dance Jean danced to when she was 10 years old. 9 to 5. It had a lot of special meaning for Jean as well as her mom who was sobbing like a baby at the first step.

Jean had a couple dances and Aly had several... 6 or 7 or something like that.  Aly danced incredibly and pushed through a twisted ankle on her last 2 numbers. She dance through it without a crack in her smile and cried in pain as soon as she got off stage. I'm pretty proud of her for sticking through it.

Love you two, and here's to many more years at McCardles Dance Studio.

20130602 aly recyclingThe Record Courier took a photo of Aly's class for a recycling challenge. Below is the article caption.

St Patrick students accept recycling challenge.

Students in Lura Roblee's fifth-grade science class at St. Patrick School in Kent are, in first row from left, Jaiden Harris, Aly Giunto, Grace Yupa, Merce Manning, May Mader, Katie Stephan and PJ McKinney; middle row, Danielle Dozanti, Annah Hahn, Corey Neubert, Connor Lovejoy, Mason Heir, Hunter Thorn, Lily Holstein, Vito Lenzo and Ryan Bronowski; and back row Dominic Russo, Kolleen Lewis, Mara Labedz, Jesse Negron, David Verba, Carter Troyer, Trevor Woodward, Casey Troyer, Miriam Stanley and A'Lanyae Wright. Also in the class are Jaci Wilson and Robby Shepard.

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