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Just a simple corner of the Internet to pay a tribute to one of the bravest kids I've ever known.  Ryan Trewin passed away this morning after a long-fought battle with Cancer. I want to posthumously thank him for being a great little role model to my 3 children.  They loved Ryan dearly, we all loved Ryan dearly and learned alot from him.  God bless you Ryan.

20110323_aly_emalieI'm going to straight lift the text from the Gateway News on this one. The photo caption is probably readable but for search-engine purposes, I'm going to retype it!

Aly Giunto, left, and Emalie Novotny, both 8, recently made donations to make a life a little better for children experiencing hair loss due to cancer or other diseases. The girls decided about 11 months ago to grow their hair out and donate it to Locks of Love, an organization that makes pediatric wigs of real hair.

Good job Aly and Emalie.

20101119_toursignAnother year down. I think this picture sums it up best. When the bar you visit puts up a sign thanking you for coming.... it shows it was a good time. Thanks Sully's!

Beginning the night at Rico's, then heading to the Shenandoah and of course finishing up the night at Sully's it was again the full tour of downtown Brimfield.

We came out with a little less numbers than normal this year but that didn't stop us from having our normal great time. After downing the first beer, the 4 shots to follow sped the festivities up quickly.

Just a few bulleted highlights this time out.

  • Welcome "Tour-crasher" Mo
  • Successful 11 man pyramid record
  • Thanks Diane/Denise/Dorothy? (sully's bartender) for the beer
  • How many times can we hear "sweet caroline"
  • Also welcome tour-virgin Joe Keba
Check out the small gallery from the tour.

tag_sg_vcardI think I've been denying it for a very long time, and maybe it's been overwhelmingly evident for those around me, but I am finally willing to admit it.

I'm willing to say this code to the right identifies me, therefore I am a geek. (geek exhibit #1)

Now that that's out of the way and in the open. I'll give the brief skinny of this code and other's like it sporting the pink, blue and yellow colors. Ugly.  That's why I went with the black!

tagreader_iconMicrosoft (yuck) has come up with a new "tag" technology to allow you to embed links, information, text, etc into a code and any "cool guy" with the "Tag Reader" program in their iphone, android or other smartphone device, can scan it and read it's content. The APP is free at the iTunes Store. Click here to get the APP.

Really though.... This code when scanned gives you my vCard (geek exhibit #2) which is my Name, Address, Phone #'s, Emails and other contact information.

I can put this code on anything for years to come and it's identified as mine. Kind of like a luggage tag, only better.

2010_football_familyWe had a great football season this year (coaching & playing & cheering) with Nate playing for the Junior Streetsboro Rockets Varsity Blue team, and Aly cheerleading for him.  Nate  played starting tight-end all year and had a great time.

We finished the season with a 5-3 record which was a nice difference from last year when we couldn't pull out a win all season!

Can't help but think this will be Nate's last time in a football uniform?!

Good job bud!

20101013_firepancakeOur three kids, along with several others got their photo in the local Gateway News, while at a fund-raiser for the Streetsboro Fire Department.

Here's the full story.

The Streetsboro Fire Department held its annual pancake breakfast and open house recently to raise money for the Aluminum Cans for Burned Children program. Enjoying the breakfast and children's activities are, from left, Jimmy Hall, Jacob Betts, Vivian Hall, Sara Betts, Alyson Giunto, Brandon Giunto, Abby Novotny, Nathan Giunto and Emalie Novotny.

gentlewoods_eighteenIf you haven't played Gentlewoods Eighteen, you haven't experience the best 18 hole course in Streetsboro. Covering 3 properties on the Gentlewoods compound, the course takes an hour to play and will have you walking one mile by the time you're done. Frisbee golf of course.

You have to be a pretty good disc thrower to navigate the narrow driveway and many trees. You'll have to avoid penalty strokes by not landing on roofs, hitting vehicles or landing in Nonny's flower garden.

The course was originally designed in 2005 and with some minor hole modifications due to trees being cut down, remains pretty much the same.

Complete with a 18-hole scorecard and a recently completed poster, this course will be around for awhile.

Course Records

Round Type Player/s Score
Individual [Steve] 59 (13 under)
Scramble [Steve, Nick, Dylan & Bran]   47 (25 under)

20100906_friendshipacresWithout going to Mark's Camp, we had a great Labor Day Weekend this year.  We opted to stay local to camp with friends and make Nate's football game... which we won!

We camped at Friendship Acres in Randolph with a few other families. The Novotny's, Blasiole's and us all set up Friday afternoon and the Marsinek's set up camp (errr, we set up) on Sunday.

As usual, the weekend turned out to be a great time, even considering the campground came up a little short. Just proves good company is all you need for a good time.

As I use in many of my blog entries, I thought a bulleted list of key items would preserve the weekend best.

  • You CAN make toast over a campfire
  • Joey's parents are pretty trusting to a bunch of strangers
  • Our camper can survive 40mph winds for 24 hours, even if Jean's sleep doesn't
  • Amenities such as a fishing lake, volleyball court and softball are subjective
  • Brian Novotny and 7 beers.... well you had to be there
  • Heated pool really just means above freezing
  • An aerosol can only takes 5 minutes to explode while in a fire. (thanks God)
  • Nate's bike can support Jack's weight... even with a gay green bag
  • Always, always check where the sewage dump is before reserving your spot
Here is a photo gallery of the weekend.

Had a great time last night with a blast to the past with Bon Jovi at Blossom. Believe it or not this was only my 3rd concert at Blossom.  I know most Northeast Ohioans do that by their senior year of high school but I didn't take that route.


Jean and I went with a small group of friends. Michniaks, Novotony's and Blasiole's. Adults only for once so instead of the fifty some kids, there were only eight of us.

The night started by Jean breaking the law for the first time in probably twenty years and I think she almost had a panic attack about it.

Ten dollar beers and profiling the creepy dad's group in front of us were some of the highlights. Oh ya, the concert was good too.

The evening was concluded by yet another near panic attack as we and the herd of thousands of other people moo'd out the gates after the concert. Good job hanging in there Jean.


2010_aly_woodside_bassWhat a fantastic weekend! We camped at Woodside Lake Park in Streetsboro from Friday to Monday with friends and had a blast.

We were able to get 3 big lots and build a big u-shape out of Blasiole's, Squier's and our campers to give us a huge opening for a triple-ring bonfire, cornhole and to facilitate parking for the bmx brigade. By Saturday night our visitor count was over 30 to the camp-compound.

Lots of thanks to Rick Squier for handling most of the cooking for the weekend. French dips, paninis and sloppy joes were awesome, not to mention the 2 breakfasts to feed 3 families.

Jean surprised me by inviting an old Navy buddy who's in town for a few weeks on business. Sam spent a couple evenings with us catching up and hopefully a few more before he leaves town.

All the kids did a little fishing this weekend, and as you can see above, somehow Aly has become the fish charmer. With dozens and dozens of little blue-gill and sunfish being caught, she happened to get ahold of the 16 inch, 2.5 pound large-mouth bass. She did the casting, reeling and landing, I just took a little weight off the rod and made sure he didn't pull her in! Right after this picture was taken, she had to ride her bike back to camp to show mommy...... and seventeen other people along the way.

Just a great weekend.

What a great vacation.  We decided to take a week and a half vacation this year and what a difference that makes, especially with alot of travel time. We drove straight through to Orlando and it took about 15-1/2 hours.

Staying at my sister Teresa's house in Orlando half the time, and at a beachfront condo in Ponce Inlet the other half the time, gave us the best of both worlds.

We spend a day at Sea World for the kids to meet Shamu for the first time. A 14 hour day at that park gave us a very full day.

Four days straight of the beach, was plenty of sand and sun. Setting record-high temperatures in early June was not what we expected. 99 degrees!

Hunting crabs, climbing the lighthouse and building several sand castles was just a few of the highlights at Ponce Inlet.

With lots of leisure time throughout the week and a half, we finished up at the Kennedy Space Center on Friday. Everyone should go there at some point in their life. Great place to visit! We left STRAIGHT from KSC to drive home, wow, talk about a full day.  The 16 hour drive home right after a full day at Kennedy proved difficult, however we all made it home safe and sound! Thanks God.

Here is a big photo gallery of our vacation.

roadtrip_thumbnailHere's what you've been looking for on your long road trip with the kids.  This list a little book I put together with fun things to do on a road trip.  The license plate game and the scavenger hunt will keep you constantly in the game.  Tic-tac-toe, SOS, hangman and the dot game will give you something to do when you're really bored.

The license plate game is geared for th East Coast due to point distribution but it will work for everyone.

I've had several family and friends ask for this so I've decided to make it available for all. I've assembled them into a single PDF for easy download below.

pdfGiunto Road Trip Fun Pak

20100605_jeanaly_trophiesThis week at the yearly McCardles Dance Studio review, aly and Jean achieved some major milestones.

Aly received her 5 year trophy for five great years of dance, and Jean received her 20 year trophy for the same. So just a special kudos to both of them in sticking with what they love.

UPDATE: Jean and Aly had this picture of them and Colleen McCardle(studio owner) in the Cuyahoga Falls Press, helping to advertise the dance studio.

jacki_memorial2010Another great Memorial Day weekend at the Salberg Camp.  Thanks to Mark and Joy once again for allowing everyone into their camp.

Due to Nate and I being at Camp Christopher, Jean packed the whole camper and all our stuff by herself.  What a good woman! Didn't forget anything critical. That gave us a late start on the weekend since Nate, Maria and I didn't get home from that until 5:00.

We finally departed about 6:00 with the Blasiole Clan right behind us. Their first visit to the Salberg Camp and first time all 7 of them camping. :) After 15 minutes on the turnpike, our camper had a blowout! Dad brought some tire-changing supplies to rescue us. It's a little scary changing a flat tire 6 feet from Semi's rumbling 70MPH past you. I'd rather be on the flight-deck at night then do that again. That led to yet another night setup at camp. Beginning to be pros at that.

Once at camp, the relaxation and vacation began. Went to the Clarion River to swim and play twice, hiked up to the fire tower and Seneca Point in Cooks Forest and played lots of volleyball and nukem at Camp.  Thanks to Dustin for giving all the kids an archery lesson. All in all a great weekend with no casualties or losing little Nate.

Here's a photo gallery of the weekend.

camp_chris_nateThe two 5th grade classes at Nate's school... Mrs. Idone & Mrs. Watt both went to Camp Christopher for a 2-day camp.  Me along with a few other dads were able to go along as chaparones to help keep the hellions in order.

What a great place! There were non-stop activities that kept the kids busy learning exploring and just having fun.

Highlights included a kickball game between the 2-classes, a great hike, a pond exploration looking for critters, a cemetary scavenger hunt, a night hike and lots of teamwork challenges.  It's a great place that every kid should get to go to.

I found myself knee deep in the pond with all the kids catching a couple turtles..... errr helping Nate catch a couple turtles, and scooping lots of crap for the other kids to sift into buckets.  Couldn't keep me out of there.

The 2-day adventure was topped off when the 2 classes came together to lift me over a 12-foot wall.  I would have guessed I'd be the only parent to get heaved over the wall.

Here's a photo gallery of the 2-day excursion! Can't wait for Brandon to go in two years!

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