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20160619 clevelandcavaliers nationalchampions

Cleveland and a national champions are two items that haven't really gone together in my lifetime. As a life-long all-sport Cleveland fan, its been a hard road watching every other team, in every single sport, rise to the top around us, especially the dreaded Steelers.

So glad that this drought has come to an end as the Cleveland Cavaliers win the title in 2016.

This entry had to be post-dated since the whole family was on a mission trip during game 7 of the finals! Yes, damn near off the grid during the most important sports competition of my lifetime. In today's total connectivity age, we found ourselves deep in the mountains of Kentucky with barely enough cell-phone signal to refresh a google-score. I felt like I was in the 1930's huddled around a radio, envisioning what was going on. It was terrible not being able to watch history unfold, but to ultimately see the time left reaching 00:00 and Cavs still in the lead was the only trigger we had to start celebrating, and that we did.

Both guys and girls dorms emptied into the common space and screamed and celebrated at nearly midnight in a tiny church in the tiny coal-mining town of Cumberland, everyone else in the town, likely asleep not caring about what was going on. It was an incredible moment and anyone in Northeast Ohio will know exactly where they were at this moment in time.

20150112 ohiostate nationalchampionsBoy it finally feels good to have the home team win a championship.

I'll be a Browns, Cavaliers and Indians fan until the day I die, but I certainly thought I would have seen one of them win the big game at this point in my life.

I've watched all 3 of my home-town teams come so close over the years but never got to live in the glory of being the champion.

It was awesome to watch Ohio State trounce Oregon in the National Championship game and bring home the first National Championship of College Football.

Thank you Ohio State for keeping my spirits up for the home team!

Just a little publicity for our church.  I designed/developed an all new content managed web site for our church recently.  It just went live in July. It's pretty nifty, full of features and can be updated from anywhere with any computer.

Visit it at: www.sjoa-church.org

Streetsboro family days is a great yearly event put on by a group of dedicated citizens.

Jean and I volunteer dozens of hours at the beer tent each year to benefit our "Catholic School Parents" group at St Joan of Arc.

I designed the SFD logo and web site for them. Nothing special but it needed to have a CMS back-end for them to update.

Visit ther website at: www.streetsborofamilydays.org

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