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20090322 springhikeWe went on our annual spring hike last week. We decided to go across the street this year to expand our boundaries, as if the 60 acres behind us isn't enough. It actually isn't! This year we had Zack, Dylan, Nick, Jacob, Nate Brandon and I on the excursion. We only went for 3 hours but felt like a whole day. After using google earth to map our course afterward, it turns out our hike took us 2.87 miles over some fun terrain.

Here is a photo gallery of the hike.

I also put together a chronological virtual hike of the event.

In lieu of no gifted program support at Nathan's level, we've made the decision to transfer to him to St Patrick's School in Kent.

Here's a pic of Nathan the morning of his transfer to St. Pats. Last week was his first full week and he loved it. We can already tell it'll be much more challenging for him, which is why we did it.


Welcome to the family BUSTER, NOT Baxter or Tiger or Bruizer or Drake or Duke like suggested by many.

Our new toy poodle is now 3-1/2 months old. Everyone is excited about him and wow is he cute.

He's doing great at potty training too.


The kids all dressed up like Star Wars characters for halloween this year. Jean's dad took a picture of them and I got the idea to make a poster because....well because I can.

At first a quickie job, then redid it in high resolution because everyone in the world was printing it out. So here it is, redone with more detail and in high resolution. Click one of the links below to get the file size you want.

Low resolution - On this page down below.
Medium resolution - Good for up to 4x6ish printout
Large resolution - Good for up to an 8x10 printout

Nate took the National IOWA testing a couple months ago and we just got the official results back. He was in the 99 percentile of all kindergartners nation-wide.

Look below to see what good things they say about him. Any scores above 95% are considered gifted by the State. Good job Jean, now I will take it upon myself to keep up the sillyness and behavior mishaps to keep him from being a nerd.



Nathan's marketing debut turned out some cute pictures. (below)

The photo shoot was for a childrens savings account promotion for one of our clients at Bark at the Moon. He and 2 other kids were photographed. I think he's got the best shots but I'm a little partial.

Click the links below to see some of the pieces of the marketing promotion and photos from the shoot.

pdfNewspaper Ad

pdfIn Lobby Sign


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