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20140718 teamjosh logoIn support of Jean's brother Josh and his fight against testicular cancer, Jean is getting together some relay teams, half-marathon runners, and even a full marathon runner for the Akron Marathon. Whether your a runner or just want to show your support for Josh by wearing a Tshirt, you can get some Team Josh apparel below. You can check out securely by using your Credit Card or PayPal Account during the checkout process at PayPal. Just add as many shirts to your cart as you want. Orders will be taken up through: Friday, August 15, 2014.

Sales are now closed. Thanks to everyone. There are over 115 shirts out and about now.

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Well the 2013 Tour de Brimfield was another great success with Jean's family and a few friends. Starting at Rico's then heading to the Shenendoah and finally ending at Sullys, it was a blast.

Here's a photo gallery of the night.

I thought it was time to make up a few new shirts for the new tour goers but almost everyone ended up getting them and I ended up with an order of 46 shirts!

I have a few extras left over so i thought I'd put them up for sale. Hopefully you're a tour go'er and didn't get a chance to get one on the first go around.

Shirt Cost: $10.00

(Plus Shipping & Handling)

  20131123 tourdebrimfieldshirt

20121116 tourdebrimfieldWell there's not much to say except it was another great Tour De Brimfield outting this year.

The day before the tour, I had a random couple from Brimfield Google "Tour De Brimfield" after seeing it on Sully's sign and found my web site. They then called me! Pretty funny.... and creepy. After a little inquiry to convince myself they weren't stalkers, I told them to show up and wear a red shirt!  So they did.  The "googlers" ended up fitting right in (ie: drink beer and sing loud.) and are now part of the tour.

I counted 51 during our group photo so that's a new record. Mark and Joy should be proud.

I went to prepare a photo galley of the event and quickly saw there was not many showing people at their best, so I opted not to put together a gallery.

I don't have a top 10 or bulleted list this year but if I did, #1 would be "Katie going to get into the cars to drive to the next bar after the first one." Rookie!

Name tags were fun (thanks Kate) even if mine said "Dipshit".... and uh "Delicious" in this photo, whoever's that was.


20120801 fantasyfootballchampionI would like to congratulate Nick Keba and his team "Nicks Bricks" on being the champion of the inaugural year of the Jento Family Fantasy Football League.

He had a regular season record of 9-4-1 and beat Zack, and his Dad in the playoffs to earn the trophy for a year!

Somehow 3 of the 4 playoff births went to Keba's. I think there was some insider deals going on… and if I hadn't disabled trades for our first year, would have bet on it. Congrats Nick, sorry your trophy was late.

20101119_toursignAnother year down. I think this picture sums it up best. When the bar you visit puts up a sign thanking you for coming.... it shows it was a good time. Thanks Sully's!

Beginning the night at Rico's, then heading to the Shenandoah and of course finishing up the night at Sully's it was again the full tour of downtown Brimfield.

We came out with a little less numbers than normal this year but that didn't stop us from having our normal great time. After downing the first beer, the 4 shots to follow sped the festivities up quickly.

Just a few bulleted highlights this time out.

  • Welcome "Tour-crasher" Mo
  • Successful 11 man pyramid record
  • Thanks Diane/Denise/Dorothy? (sully's bartender) for the beer
  • How many times can we hear "sweet caroline"
  • Also welcome tour-virgin Joe Keba
Check out the small gallery from the tour.

Well this year's annual pilgrimage to Brimfield did not dissapoint.  We opted not to start with the crew at dinner, but met up with them shortly after. The Keba's joined us for their second tour along with tour-virgins.... the Wagners.

We started at Rico's around 8:00p where the clan was already well over 25 and in full gear.  After a few drinks and watching the CAV's win, the herd headed across the street to the Shenandoah, stopping traffic just by the sheer number of people crossing RT-43.  Swinging the front doors open, the 4 current patrons of the bar couldn't help but notice the 30 strong herd flowing through the front door. With the majority of us in our custom-made red shirts, it was a grand entrance for the tour.  For the next hour or two I'm sure they sold more alcohol than the previous few weeks combined. The inpromtu throwback game of quarters on the bar was a hit, and thank God nobody bought one of those cabbage stuffed banana peppers or there would have been some early hurling.

Once the word was given, the herd flowed back out the front doors, we could not hit Jagers Pub, the usual next stop on the tour.  Unfortunately they were shut down, and I would think our annual visit alone would keep them in business. So we headed to the last stop a little earlier than normal. Sully's was the smallest of all the pubs and barely held all 35 of us comfortably. Without a doubt the most business they've ever seen at once. After several hours and almost closing the place, I'm sure their sales were a record number that night.

I thought I'd compile the top 10 things learned on this tour.

  1. Smoking ban's don't really apply in Brimfield.
  2. Bouncing a quarter into a shot glass is not easy.
  3. If you spend hundreds of dollars on alcohol you get free popcorn.
  4. Some people actually pay to eat cabbage stuffed bananna peppers.
  5. You can't dance on the bar at Sully's.
  6. You can take your dog to the bar with you at Sully's.
  7. You can't climb onto the roof at Sully's without a ladder.
  8. You can take poolsticks onto RT-18 and air guitar if you want to.
  9. ZZ Top hangs out in brimfield.
  10. Even drunk, you can make a human pyramid.

Thanks to all for a great night. We took 166 pictures that night, and unlike Jean's thousand picture facebook gallery, you can check out my narrowed down Tour Photo Gallery. We look forward to next years tour!

You know you want to, everyone is doing it, you just don't know how, it's confusing, you can't learn it, blah, blah, blah.... As Nike says, Just Do It!

I converted my 40 year old sister to Mac a few years ago. She was a little skeptical at first but after spending a couple days with her 17" iMac, she got the hang of it very quickly. Now she'll swear by it and say she loves it and is glad she switched.

And for all you that are still skeptical, my 67 year old dad came to me a couple weeks ago saying he needed a new PC. I gave him a long look and he immediately said he's not getting any kind of Mac,  "Mommy and I won't be able to use it" he said . I laughed and said "yes you are." You'll never have to worry about viruses, bluescreens, you won't have to take your computer in every year to get it decluttered from spam, adware, spyware and just slow creepy crawlers that happen to ALL pc's.

Mac MiniLess than a week later, he was the proud owner of his first Mac Mini. At $800 he was out the door with a machine with more power and features than he'll ever need. I spent a couple hours showing him the basics of where to find things and the half-dozen programs that he will need. That's all it took. Within two days of playing around, he was burning custom music CD's and emailing images from iPhoto like a pro. By day three, I received an email saying...."i think i love my mini mac!"

That's all I got, if that doesn't convince you, nothing will. And best of all, you can find a creative way to get rid of your last PC. I found a 12-gauge shotgun to work quite well.

The family had a great long weekend at the Salberg Camp during this Labor Day weekend.

We started the weekend out early by driving out on Thursday night and setting up camp in the dark. Not very fun, but gave us the whole day Friday to play.

Nathan and I went tubing down the Clarion River for a couple miles. It was a very peaceful float for over and hour and a half. Lots of quiet time, staring down to the rocky bottom looking for fish and critters. Most of the trip was in less than 3 feet of water, so it made for great viewing.

I took my RC plane with me and after the first 5-minutes of the flight, crashed it into the top of a tree, 60 feet high. :(  After a short brainstorming session, a tree climb seemed to be the only solution.  So away I went.  I actually had the kids go far away thinking that I didn't want them tramatized the the sight of me falling to my death. Funny that the death part wasn't what I was concerned about.  Anyway, after a 60 foot climb to the near top of a pine, I was able to knock the plane down to the ground.  That fall would put it out of commission for the rest of the weekend, and possibly this year, until it's repaired.

The family took a tour to Ridgeway, PA to see where the Salberg family grew up. Becky Murphy gave Jean and the kids the $5 tour while Jim gave me the 10 cent tour in the car behind.  It was a good afternoon trip cruising around that quaint little town.

Brandon and I took the same lazy river ride, nate and I took.  We had a blast. I got to go twice. Benefits of being Dad.

The rest of the weekend consisted of lots of sitting, resting, frisbee, campfire and a little beer.

Another great weekend in thanks to Mark and Joy for letting everyone camp on their property all weekend long.

Welcome to Katie and Andy's new baby boy.

Alex Black joined us in the afternoon of September 17, 2008.

He was 10lbs even and 21-3/4 inches long.

Big brother drew is happy as a peach.

Here's a few shots of Dad, Nathan and I's fishing trip to Mosquito Reservoir.

Nate caught his first fish in Papa's boat, a catfish, and I caught my first Northern Pike and largest fish I've ever caught. It was 26 inches long.

The days catch was 1 Northern Pike, 1 Catfish, 1 Walleye, 4 Crappie and 2 Bluegill. It was a great day.

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