Boating on Lake Berlin with Friends

Thanks again to Rick and Tasha for taking me and the boys out boating. Too bad Jean and Aly couldn’t make it. They had a bridal shower to attend.

The Day family brought their boat and family along as well. Ali Benci joined us too.

We finally had summer show up and give us a very sunny day.  We were out on Berlin Lake for almost 6 hours.

Nate and Brandon both knee-boarded for the first time in their life.  They both got up on their first try and within minutes were feeling pretty comfortable.

I knee-boarded as well and had fun catching “a little” air over the wake.  Just what my freshly healed back was looking for. 🙂

Captain Rick ended the day with a good deed by towing someones “dead” boat back to the dock.

You can click here for some photos of a few different boat outings with friends.

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