Brandon Wins Bowling Tourny

Well Brandon and Shaun that is. Brandon’s has picked up bowling over the past couple years as a side-hobby and plays on a league with is buddy Shaun. They both use the crazy “youngin” two-handed side sling as their unorthodox throw. Brandon gave us a call and said they made it to the semi-finals of the Portage County USBC Handicap Doubles Tournament they entered for the fun of it. Being empty-nesters, Jean and I went up to watch the last couple games of the tournament.

It was pretty funny watching these 2 young kids with their new two-handed release go against the older generations with traditional throws. There were definitely some stares from skeptics with this new style but there are actual rules in place which classify these deliveries as legit.

We watched the final game unfold with them coming from behind to edge out the favored lifers in a 482 to 451 final score. Good work turning $45 into $500 Bran!