Memorial Weekend 2011

20110531_memorial_jackiAnother successful camping trip to the Salberg Camp in Leeper, Pennsylvania to kick off the camping season.

Thanks again as always to Mark and Joy for letting us camp there, and bring a couple outsiders with us…. the Blasiole’s and Novotny’s. With 10 kids, we were a handful.

Starting with a pretty sloppy setup due to the wet spring, it actually turned out to be a great weekend with just enough sun… for me to get burnt.

Below is a few bullets to highlight the weekend, followed up with a big photo gallery with lots of pics.

And the highlights….

  • If the shamrock’s a rockin, don’t go knockin.
  • I think the power is out.
  • There’s a couple flies in the outhouse.
  • Why is Brandon on the roof of their RV?
  • Daddy, Nate’s cheating at Nukem.
  • Did you say Brandon is leading the kids on a hike.
  • Can we go on a quad ride.
  • No smartphones allowed.
  • 70 campers at the Salberg Camp
  • 60 degree river water

Click here for a photo gallery of the weekend.

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