Tour De Brimfield 2012

20121116 tourdebrimfieldWell there’s not much to say except it was another great Tour De Brimfield outting this year.

The day before the tour, I had a random couple from Brimfield Google “Tour De Brimfield” after seeing it on Sully’s sign and found my web site. They then called me! Pretty funny…. and creepy. After a little inquiry to convince myself they weren’t stalkers, I told them to show up and wear a red shirt!  So they did.  The “googlers” ended up fitting right in (ie: drink beer and sing loud.) and are now part of the tour.

I counted 51 during our group photo so that’s a new record. Mark and Joy should be proud.

I went to prepare a photo galley of the event and quickly saw there was not many showing people at their best, so I opted not to put together a gallery.

I don’t have a top 10 or bulleted list this year but if I did, #1 would be “Katie going to get into the cars to drive to the next bar after the first one.” Rookie!

Name tags were fun (thanks Kate) even if mine said “Dipshit”…. and uh “Delicious” in this photo, whoever’s that was.


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