Camping at Salt Fork State Park

Kicking off the camping season with an intentional effort to hit some state parks, first up was Salt Fork State Park. A great campground, gigantic lots and best of all, we got some full hookup lots, making for much more pleasant logistics. (Lot F43,44,45 & F67, F68) There’s many hiking trails a large beach and a full marina if you want to drop in a boat. Luckily Kate and Andy let us borrow their camper since ours was still in the shop past when expected.

This was to be our first empty nester camping trip but Nate came down for a visit since Chad and Kristen were around too. And Jake Wagner for a brief visit.

As with most of our camping trips, I like to highlight them with bullet points for a few memories, even though this trip was pretty uneventful…. just the way I like it.

Highlights include:

  • Borrowing Blacks camper saving the weekend
  • 2.5 mile kayak trip on the lake with Nate
  • Firewood for days… with 5-foot flames
  • Ski boat ride on Jake’s new boat
  • 2 mile trail hike with Nate
  • Tons of space station sightings
  • Discovering the need for bikes