Labor Day 2009 at Salberg Camp

The family had a great long weekend at the Salberg Camp during this Labor Day weekend.

We started the weekend out early by driving out on Thursday night and setting up camp in the dark. Not very fun, but gave us the whole day Friday to play.

Nathan and I went tubing down the Clarion River for a couple miles. It was a very peaceful float for over and hour and a half. Lots of quiet time, staring down to the rocky bottom looking for fish and critters. Most of the trip was in less than 3 feet of water, so it made for great viewing.

I took my RC plane with me and after the first 5-minutes of the flight, crashed it into the top of a tree, 60 feet high. 🙁  After a short brainstorming session, a tree climb seemed to be the only solution.  So away I went.  I actually had the kids go far away thinking that I didn’t want them tramatized the the sight of me falling to my death. Funny that the death part wasn’t what I was concerned about.  Anyway, after a 60 foot climb to the near top of a pine, I was able to knock the plane down to the ground.  That fall would put it out of commission for the rest of the weekend, and possibly this year, until it’s repaired.

The family took a tour to Ridgeway, PA to see where the Salberg family grew up. Becky Murphy gave Jean and the kids the $5 tour while Jim gave me the 10 cent tour in the car behind.  It was a good afternoon trip cruising around that quaint little town.

Brandon and I took the same lazy river ride, nate and I took.  We had a blast. I got to go twice. Benefits of being Dad.

The rest of the weekend consisted of lots of sitting, resting, frisbee, campfire and a little beer.

Another great weekend in thanks to Mark and Joy for letting everyone camp on their property all weekend long.

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