CHAOS Youth Group Mission Trip 2016

20160625 missiontripI had the opportunity to go on the week long mission trip with the St Joan of Arc CHAOS Youth Group to Cumberland, Kentucky.  This was the 5th year in a row I was able to chaperone the group. This year was the largest group we’ve taken with 15 kids and 4 adults. Most importantly, Aly was old enough to make the trip, which meant the whole family was able to go. I was excited that Jean was able to experience and visualize all the stories we’ve told her over the past few years.  It was pretty awesome for the whole family to make the trip down and help out the Appalachian region. 

We worked on several projects while down there including:

  • Installing drywall in the church and taping/mudding
  • Replaced a rotted subfloor and laminate in a needy house
  • Installed volleyball posts/net for ours and future groups
  • Fixed a gutter on the convent
  • Worked on the complete residing of a house that had bare untreated wood as exterior walls
  • Painted the bathroom in the dorms
  • Painted the basement of a church in the neighboring city.

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