Emerald Isle Family Vacation 2016

20160718 emeraldisleThis year’s family vacation took us and the Keba family (some of them!) to Emerald Isle, NC with a slight detour through Alexandria, VA on our way there. 

Looking for somewhere to spend the night until we checked into our Condo on Sunday, we spend a night in Alexandria, VA which is just 5 miles south of Washington DC.

As luck would have it, the city of Alexandria was celebrating its yearly celebration and our hotel was 3 blocks from the center of festivities at a local park including an  orchestra and fireworks over the Potomac. A walk down King Street can’t be missed if ever in Alexandria too.

We ended up loving Emerald Isle and would go there again in the future. It’s not as touristy as Myrtle or even North Myrtle Beach but not as desolate as the true outer banks. Still a couple restaurants to choose from and some putt-putt for the kids… and me. And the beaches were clean, with white sand, nice waves and beautiful.

With perfect timing, Dylan was fresh back from a mini-deployment to the Baltic Sea and got to spend a few days with us and caravan the trip home to start his 10 day leave.

We took a half-hour drive up to Atlantic Beach during the week and rented a pontoon boat for the day which turned out to be the highlight of the trip.  Everyone had a blast swimming in the inter-coastal and visiting Shackleford Island and seeing wild horses. Highlights were jumping the waves with the pontoon boat and ancoring at the islands.

Here is a small photo gallery of our vacation.

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