Chicken Farming – One Year Later

Well we’ve made it about a full year of being chicken-farmers in Northeast Ohio. Chicken-farming may be a strong word considering we only have 6 chickens and they all have names. Still, to keep them alive through an Ohio winter and currently getting 1-egg per day from all 6 chickens is all the “success”confirmation I need to be a chicken farmer.

Through some rough calculations and accounting for their normal production slow-down through the winter, I calculate we’ve gotten about 814 eggs through the first year, and that includes the first 5 months of no eggs when they weren’t of egg-laying age!

With COVID-19 all but behind us, these six chickens; Dixie, Nugget, Rico, Ninja, Alfredo and Duck will always remind me of what crazy things we did during COVID to make time go by.

I ran a quick excel chart to illustrate the profit/loss on these chickens over the first year. All I can say is, farming will not make you rich. Hopefully we’ll have recouped our expenses before they’re all dead!