Tour De Brimfield 2010

20101119_toursignAnother year down. I think this picture sums it up best. When the bar you visit puts up a sign thanking you for coming…. it shows it was a good time. Thanks Sully’s!

Beginning the night at Rico’s, then heading to the Shenandoah and of course finishing up the night at Sully’s it was again the full tour of downtown Brimfield.

We came out with a little less numbers than normal this year but that didn’t stop us from having our normal great time. After downing the first beer, the 4 shots to follow sped the festivities up quickly.

Just a few bulleted highlights this time out.

  • Welcome “Tour-crasher” Mo
  • Successful 11 man pyramid record
  • Thanks Diane/Denise/Dorothy? (sully’s bartender) for the beer
  • How many times can we hear “sweet caroline”
  • Also welcome tour-virgin Joe Keba

Check out the small gallery from the tour.

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