COVID 19 – One Month In

I just looked back and my entry about Day 1 of this pandemic and it looks pretty naive. Flash forward to now, at this point in time, we are 3-weeks into a state-wide order to stay-at-home for the better of the masses in hope to stretch the spread of the virus over a longer period of time and NOT to overwhelm the hospitals, there are still some that feel the restrictions are overblown and going about business without any care or precautions. It is an eerie feeling to see 75% of people with masks and gloves on during a trip to a grocery or home improvement store. Now just a full month in, all of our perspectives have changed and our lives will never be the same. 

Here’s just a few of the early outcomes as we “stay at home” and our lives are more different than ever:

  • We have all 3 kids living with us full-time again
  • All sit-down restaurants have been closed for 3-weeks
  • Have “zoomed” with several friends at a time for trivia night
  • St Joan of Arc did not celebrate Holy Week or Easter, nor any church services for the last month
  • Have sat in a curbside pickup line at Applebees for 1-hour
  • Have gone on multiple dozen-car long birthday parades
  • All of Aly’s remaining senior year events have been cancelled and classes are online for the remainder of the year
  • Masks, gloves, Purell & front-door drop-offs are mainstream
  • Has not been a single professional sporting event for almost a month
  • Have had more sit-down family meals than ever in our lives
  • Jean has put together at least 5 puzzles
  • Aly’s and Jean’s McCardles yearly dance recital has been cancelled
  • Have had multiple euchre tournaments with the kids
  • Nathan and Brandon’s college classes are all online for the rest of the semester
  • Our 401K’s have had a 20% drop
  • Living room has turned into a 5-person crash pad every night
  • Jean is no longer seeing patients and is working elsewhere throughout the Clinic just to get hours
  • We are saving hundreds of miles of mileage allowance on our lease vehicles
  • I have been working from home for 3-weeks at reduced hours
  • Nathan’s hard-earned and coveted Children’s Hospital Internship has been cancelled and his MCAT testing may be postponed
  • Have rediscovered the Aruban “Poison Punch” drink
  • We have become chicken farmers and have 6 chicks living with us