Fall Hike 2009

With such a crappy summer, and winter seeming to hit quick this year, when I heard it was supposed to reach 68 degrees for the first week in November, I was glad to hear I would get in my fall hike, which I was sure we missed.

Aly on HikeWe decided to go across the street again since the kids are all bigger. I also allowed Aly to go with us as long as there was no whining and complaining about legs being tired. 🙂 I knew we’d be very far from home so wasn’t sure if she’d make it. She did extremely well for her little legs.  By the very end of the hike she said “I’m not complaining Daddy, but my legs are starting to shut down”. Very funny. I took all three of our kids as well as some of my nieces and nephews; Jacob, Abby, Zack and Dylan.

We trekked up and down lots of dirt hills, through a few marshes, through many pricker patches and on lots of trails. We opted not to go to the traditional sand-pits this time but went to a lake quite a bit further away. We discovered a perfect spot to set up a tent and camp some weekend and named it Diablos Point due to the trident shaped tree right in the middle of it. We also stopped by the quarry to throw some rocks into the water below.  A favorite for everyone.

I tucked my GPS unit in my camelback which tracked every step we took. When we got back I plugged it into my computer and it showed our track right in google-earth, what a great technology. We hiked on and off trails for almost 3 hours and covered about 4 miles of ground.

Check out my Fall Hike Photo Gallery page for a couple dozen photos of the hike.

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