Cozumel Mexico 2023

Cozumel Snorkeling

For our first experience in Mexico, Cozumel did not disappoint. 

We spent a week at the Occidental Resort on the southwest side of the island. As expected the island is pretty chill with lots of snorkeling opportunities. The Occidental was a great place to stay with lots of greenery and lots of food options. Even with a highly deteriorated beach, the resort did not disappoint with a great pool, lots of activities, several restaurants and a relaxed, not to uptight atmosphere. To boot, I turned the big 50 while down there!

A couple excursions included a boat snorkeling trip (Albertos) to the local reefs and a bar crawl (Cozumel Bar Hop) to the east side of the island. I highly recommend this organization and their tour.

Below is as short video I put together of our trip.