RC Plane Aerial Footage and Crashing

20130911 parkzoneonboardvideoI’ve wanted to get some aerial video footage from my RC plane for quite awhile now and finally got everything I expected.

Not wanting to invest in any special onboard mounts or camera, Brandon and I dug into the junk drawers to see what we could do.

After some brainstorming and quick sketches, we came up with a poor-man’s camera mount with a coat hanger, rubber-bands and duct-tape. We then used one of our old Sony Cybershot I was willing to donate to the cause…. assuming we would get disastrous results.

With some careful planning making sure the plane was balanced and blatant ignoring of aerodynamics, we came up with a successful design and the plane flew as planned. We got some great footage of my house and the surrounding area. And also got some great footage of 3 crashes all in a 10 minute period. Special props to my RC Parkzone Corsair for holding up and NOT sustaining any new damage from 3 crashes including one crash into a tree and dropping 30 feet. Guess I didn’t have to worry so much on how I was going to land with a camera mounted underneath the plane.

Below is a YouTube video I put together of the flights… and crashes.

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