Empty Nesters!

Holy shit! Well I’ve had many milestones on this blog and it seems they keep getting bigger and more impactful as time goes on. This one is a zinger.

Our last child is moving out, officially making Jean and I empty nesters.  That ambiguous term was something for older people who have adult children capable of fending for themselves.

I think having 3 kids has helped us transition to this phase but it still stings.

Nathan’s been out for a few years, now just finished up his undergrad this semester. Aly’s been away at college this last semester and Brandon has hung on, saving some money and commuting for a year.

The opportunity has come up for Brandon, Nathan and their cousin Nick to all rent a house in Cuyahoga Falls. So this last weekend, we helped move them out, making our house a quiet zone.

Jean and I are now looking at each other and wondering what to do now!