Gentlewoods Eighteen

gentlewoods_eighteenIf you haven’t played Gentlewoods Eighteen, you haven’t experience the best 18 hole course in Streetsboro. Covering 3 properties on the Gentlewoods compound, the course takes an hour to play and will have you walking one mile by the time you’re done. Frisbee golf of course.

You have to be a pretty good disc thrower to navigate the narrow driveway and many trees. You’ll have to avoid penalty strokes by not landing on roofs, hitting vehicles or landing in Nonny’s flower garden.

The course was originally designed in 2005 and with some minor hole modifications due to trees being cut down, remains pretty much the same.

Complete with a 18-hole scorecard and a recently completed poster, this course will be around for awhile.

Course Records

Round Type Player/s Date Score
Individual [Steve] [Pending] 59 (13 under)
Scramble [Steve, Nick, Dylan & Brandon] [Pending] 47 (25 under)

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