Labor Day at Friendship Acres

20100906_friendshipacresWithout going to Mark’s Camp, we had a great Labor Day Weekend this year.  We opted to stay local to camp with friends and make Nate’s football game… which we won!

We camped at Friendship Acres in Randolph with a few other families. The Novotny’s, Blasiole’s and us all set up Friday afternoon and the Marsinek’s set up camp (errr, we set up) on Sunday.

As usual, the weekend turned out to be a great time, even considering the campground came up a little short. Just proves good company is all you need for a good time.

As I use in many of my blog entries, I thought a bulleted list of key items would preserve the weekend best.

  • You CAN make toast over a campfire
  • Joey’s parents are pretty trusting to a bunch of strangers
  • Our camper can survive 40mph winds for 24 hours, even if Jean’s sleep doesn’t
  • Amenities such as a fishing lake, volleyball court and softball are subjective
  • Brian Novotny and 7 beers…. well you had to be there
  • Heated pool really just means above freezing
  • An aerosol can only takes 5 minutes to explode while in a fire. (thanks God)
  • Nate’s bike can support Jack’s weight… even with a gay green bag
  • Always, always check where the sewage dump is before reserving your spot

Here is a photo gallery of the weekend.

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