Jean’s and Nate’s First 5k Run

20120708 aurora5kJean has just this summer started the couch to 5k program.  She streamlined it and bumped her progress to get ready for her first 5k.

Her and Nate decided to do the Aurora 5k run with several friends and her brother.  I elected to save my energy for this blog entry and not participate in the event.  

Both her and Nate did great for their first 5k run ever.  Nate came across first with a time of 26:33 and Jean and her brother Matt finished with the exact same time of 34:27. They kept each other going and took their sweet old time, but didn’t stop running. Good job and I think she’s got more planned in the future.  A year ago if you told me Jean would be a runner, I’d bet you $100 you were wrong.

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