Kent vs Streetsboro

20140423 kent vs streetsboroWhat a moment we had last night as Nate and Nick faced each other for the first time on opposite sides of the diamond. It certainly was odd being on the other side of the diamond from most of the kids I’ve coached for many years of my life, including my nephew Nick. It was more than just another game for me.

The decision to open-enroll Nate in Kent was not one Jean and I took lightly. We stewed over it for many, many hours. Not being exactly sure if you’re making the right decision as a parent, is the most difficult part of parenting for me. With close Streetsboro family and friends intertwined in our lives, it’s been a touchy subject and not one I particularly enjoy. A special thanks to all of our family and friends for supporting our personal decision and treating us as we would hope to be treated.

For me, the highlight of last night’s game was when Nate was called in to pinch-run and was given the sign to steal 3rd base toward his cousin Nick. The reaction from both of them was priceless with Nate just getting under the tag.

A BIG thanks to Anne Peterson for capturing this photo.

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