Orlando Vacation 2010

What a great vacation.  We decided to take a week and a half vacation this year and what a difference that makes, especially with alot of travel time. We drove straight through to Orlando and it took about 15-1/2 hours.

Staying at my sister Teresa’s house in Orlando half the time, and at a beachfront condo in Ponce Inlet the other half the time, gave us the best of both worlds.

We spend a day at Sea World for the kids to meet Shamu for the first time. A 14 hour day at that park gave us a very full day.

Four days straight of the beach, was plenty of sand and sun. Setting record-high temperatures in early June was not what we expected. 99 degrees!

Hunting crabs, climbing the lighthouse and building several sand castles was just a few of the highlights at Ponce Inlet.

With lots of leisure time throughout the week and a half, we finished up at the Kennedy Space Center on Friday. Everyone should go there at some point in their life. Great place to visit! We left STRAIGHT from KSC to drive home, wow, talk about a full day.  The 16 hour drive home right after a full day at Kennedy proved difficult, however we all made it home safe and sound! Thanks God.

Here is a big photo gallery of our vacation.

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