St Joan of Arc – Mardi Gras

Jean and I attended yet another Mardi Gras celebration at St Joan of Arc.  A pretty ‘tame’ event until the elderly go home and the crazies come out. Our good friends Michel was crowned as king and Dana was crowned as queen, it was a pretty fun night with all the "secretive" festivies. Some great cajan food got the belly feeling good, and 30+ jello shots got it feeling bad.

I’ve found a short list of bulleted items, sum up events nicely.

  • Plastic beads make people crazy.
  • Jack loves gumbo.
  • Fundraisers make you spend money you don’t want to.
  • Carrots have no place around drunk people.
  • Inflatables have no place around drunk people.
  • Warm soft little squishy balls have no place around drunk people.

Here is a Photo Gallery of the event!

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