Bon Jovi at Blossom

Had a great time last night with a blast to the past with Bon Jovi at Blossom. Believe it or not this was only my 3rd concert at Blossom.  I know most Northeast Ohioans do that by their senior year of high school but I didn’t take that route.


Jean and I went with a small group of friends. Michniaks, Novotony’s and Blasiole’s. Adults only for once so instead of the fifty some kids, there were only eight of us.

The night started by Jean breaking the law for the first time in probably twenty years and I think she almost had a panic attack about it.

Ten dollar beers and profiling the creepy dad’s group in front of us were some of the highlights. Oh ya, the concert was good too.

The evening was concluded by yet another near panic attack as we and the herd of thousands of other people moo’d out the gates after the concert. Good job hanging in there Jean.


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