Memorial Weekend at Salberg Camp 2010

jacki_memorial2010Another great Memorial Day weekend at the Salberg Camp.  Thanks to Mark and Joy once again for allowing everyone into their camp.

Due to Nate and I being at Camp Christopher, Jean packed the whole camper and all our stuff by herself.  What a good woman! Didn’t forget anything critical. That gave us a late start on the weekend since Nate, Maria and I didn’t get home from that until 5:00.

We finally departed about 6:00 with the Blasiole Clan right behind us. Their first visit to the Salberg Camp and first time all 7 of them camping. 🙂 After 15 minutes on the turnpike, our camper had a blowout! Dad brought some tire-changing supplies to rescue us. It’s a little scary changing a flat tire 6 feet from Semi’s rumbling 70MPH past you. I’d rather be on the flight-deck at night then do that again. That led to yet another night setup at camp. Beginning to be pros at that.

Once at camp, the relaxation and vacation began. Went to the Clarion River to swim and play twice, hiked up to the fire tower and Seneca Point in Cooks Forest and played lots of volleyball and nukem at Camp.  Thanks to Dustin for giving all the kids an archery lesson. All in all a great weekend with no casualties or losing little Nate.

Here’s a photo gallery of the weekend.

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