Camp Christopher with Nate’s Class

camp_chris_nateThe two 5th grade classes at Nate’s school… Mrs. Idone & Mrs. Watt both went to Camp Christopher for a 2-day camp.  Me along with a few other dads were able to go along as chaperones to help keep the hellions in order.

What a great place! There were non-stop activities that kept the kids busy learning exploring and just having fun.

Highlights included a kickball game between the 2-classes, a great hike, a pond exploration looking for critters, a cemetery scavenger hunt, a night hike and lots of teamwork challenges.  It’s a great place that every kid should get to go to.

I found myself knee deep in the pond with all the kids catching a couple turtles….. errr helping Nate catch a couple turtles, and scooping lots of crap for the other kids to sift into buckets.  Couldn’t keep me out of there.

The 2-day adventure was topped off when the 2 classes came together to lift me over a 12-foot wall.  I would have guessed I’d be the only parent to get heaved over the wall.

Here’s a photo gallery of the 2-day excursion! Can’t wait for Brandon to go in two years!

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