Props and Pistons Festival 2018

20180819 festival biplane flightHad an awesome time this weekend at the Props and Pistons Festival at the Akron Fulton Airport.

Just a small little venue with a few aircraft to walk around and eye candy for any aviation enthusiast.

The primary goal was to surprise Jim Murphy on his 70th birthday with a flight in an airplane. However, I’m not sure how it happened, but Matt Murphy, Jim Murphy, Brandon and I all went up together. We all flew in the “1930 D-25 New Standard” 5-seater bi-plane.

Apparently built just for plane-ride purposes, it was perfect at that!.  I’ve been on many airplanes/helicopters both civilian and military, and this flight was up with the best. The open air cockpit and wind rushing through your hair, was an incredible experience.

So glad I got to go with Brandon on his first flight, especially with his aerospace engineering interests. Thanks to Murphy’s for the early gift!

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