July 4th Camping at Woodside 2010

2010_aly_woodside_bassWhat a fantastic weekend! We camped at Woodside Lake Park in Streetsboro from Friday to Monday with friends and had a blast.

We were able to get 3 big lots and build a big u-shape out of Blasiole’s, Squier’s and our campers to give us a huge opening for a triple-ring bonfire, cornhole and to facilitate parking for the bmx brigade. By Saturday night our visitor count was over 30 to the camp-compound.

Lots of thanks to Rick Squier for handling most of the cooking for the weekend. French dips, paninis and sloppy joes were awesome, not to mention the 2 breakfasts to feed 3 families.

Jean surprised me by inviting an old Navy buddy who’s in town for a few weeks on business. Sam spent a couple evenings with us catching up and hopefully a few more before he leaves town.

All the kids did a little fishing this weekend, and as you can see above, somehow Aly has become the fish charmer. With dozens and dozens of little blue-gill and sunfish being caught, she happened to get ahold of the 16 inch, 2.5 pound large-mouth bass. She did the casting, reeling and landing, I just took a little weight off the rod and made sure he didn’t pull her in! Right after this picture was taken, she had to ride her bike back to camp to show mommy…… and seventeen other people along the way.

Just a great weekend.

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