Salberg Camp for Labor Day Weekend 2013

20130903 labordayWell it was great to finally get back to the Salberg Camp in Crowne, PA. It’s great to have new camping buddies here at home to keep us trying new campgrounds but there’s no place like the place that started it all. Thanks to Mark and Joy for hosting another great weekend.

Thanks to the generosity of everyone, Jean and the kids and I went on our first-ever family quad ride.  It was pretty cool, even if Aly was a bit big for her tiny quad.

Another first was a 2-hour tube ride down the Clarion River in a complete downpour with thunder to keep us a little weary. Besides for the rain for a few minutes it was pretty much as good as it gets for me.

Grilling, bonfires, camp-fire-music, beef jerky, six-mile hike and cheddar-dogs for breakfast were just a few of the highlights.


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