Ok, so I am a geek

tag_sg_vcardI think I’ve been denying it for a very long time, and maybe it’s been overwhelmingly evident for those around me, but I am finally willing to admit it.

I’m willing to say this code to the right identifies me, therefore I am a geek. (geek exhibit #1)

Now that that’s out of the way and in the open. I’ll give the brief skinny of this code and other’s like it sporting the pink, blue and yellow colors. Ugly.  That’s why I went with the black!

tagreader_iconMicrosoft (yuck) has come up with a new “tag” technology to allow you to embed links, information, text, etc into a code and any “cool guy” with the “Tag Reader” program in their iphone, android or other smartphone device, can scan it and read it’s content. The APP is free at the iTunes Store. Click here to get the APP.

Really though…. This code when scanned gives you my vCard (geek exhibit #2) which is my Name, Address, Phone #’s, Emails and other contact information.

I can put this code on anything for years to come and it’s identified as mine. Kind of like a luggage tag, only better.

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