Welcome to the Family Izzy

Well with the kids moved out and our beloved Buster passed our house is eriely quiet. Anyone who’s been to our house knows it’s NEVER quiet. With 3 LOUD kids for the past 20 years, the house has always been amped, even when just a couple of us are there. Jean and I found ourselves empty nesters and amazingly we have a quiet peaceful house….. to quiet.

With Jean having a dog her entire life, she really wanted another. After my extensive pros and cons list and our desire to camp/travel without worrying about the maintenance of a dog, she came to the side of reason. HOWEVER, I had to compromise. What does that compromise look like. See photo below. With neither of us owning a cat and never being attached to one, it was a bit of a leap to get a cat. However we’ve found being able to leave for a few days at a time without any worries of Izzy’s upkeep, has proven to be a great compromise. We’re enjoying this 9-month old rescue and so far, she’s a great cat! Welcome Izzy!