40 Years Old

20130310 primantibros40 years old. Ugggh. Or 40 years young. I only feel old when I think of how many years 40 actually is, and that I’m half-way to my expected life expectancy of 81.4 years, minus my mayonnaise intake.

Jean surprised me with a weekend in Pittsburg without the kids. I love em, but was looking forward a getaway so I was very happy when we kept driving right out of town instead of a quick run to the store as I was told. She packed my clothes, bags and everything and hid them in the trunk!

We had a great time bopping all around Steelers country. We used the subway several times much to Jean’s dislike at first. Highlights included the 3-Rivers Casino, Contemporary Museum of Art, Monongahela Incline and eating an ‘almost famous’ sandwich at Primanti Brothers.

Next time we’ll visit when the weather is nice so we can enjoy the city more.

Thanks for the surprise Jean!

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