Brandon’s ruptured spleen

20130104 brandonsurgeryBrandon sure seems to be a magnet for oddities. The day before New Years Eve he was playing in the basement wrapped up in blankets like a burrito. After an unfortunately hard drop to the ground, he felt a very sharp pain that he said we should go get checked out.

After the ambulance trip to Akron Childrens hospital we found out that he ruptured his spleen and had been bleeding internally. Shortly after being admitted the surgeon was worried about the amount of blood in his abdomen so they took him into surgery. After undergoing laproscopic surgery and removing 700ml of fluids and finding out there was no more active bleeding, the surgeon closed him up and made some really cool bandages.

It was a very scary time for the whole family. Jean, Brandon and I watch the New Years ball drop from his hospital room, and thanks to technology, we got to facetime with the whole family at the Wagners.

Thanks to Dr. Perry and thanks God for getting Brandon through this emergency. Love you buddy and continue to heal.

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