Aly’s Cheer Team Goes To State

20170304 alystaterunnerupBetween Nathan’s broken foot from cross-country, Nathan’s ripped quad from baseball, Brandon’s stress fracture from the first cross country meet and Brandon breaking his nose the first day of baseball tryouts, at least one of the Giuntos is having success in sports. Sorry boys.

Aly’s high school cheerleading team got through regionals and made it to the state championships. We were already super proud of her for earning a position on the competition team, so for her getting to go to states, was pretty incredible. Especially as a freshman.

The whole family went down to The Ohio State University to watch the final competition on March 4. We were lucky enough to pick up Abby Wagner along the way and she gave us a tour of her campus and her dorm. It is an amazing campus.

The competition itself was pretty awesome with 19 total teams competing. I could tell right away they had a great routine yet were among a lot of other great schools.

As they announced the placings, working down from 19, passing 15, then 10, then 5, we all got us all excited and the final countdown all the way to the final 2 felt like no other. Although hearing us called in the second place position came up short, it didn’t feel like it amongst some pretty major schools and professional programs. Especially when we found out they missed State Champions by 1 point!

Also love that Brandon’s broken nose is forever imortalized in this photo.

Super proud of you Aly and the team and looking forward to many more years of cheer.

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