My Oddest eBay Transaction Ever

20120917 minidvSo during my googling for a service to transfer my 29 MiniDV tapes to DVD, I stumbled upon an eBay store.  There were several stores actually but this person’s was the best price by far at a whopping $2.99 each.

After some review checking and fine print reading, I bought a single tape transfer and sent $2.99 to the seller for the ‘Buy it Now’ via paypal. I then mailed my tape to the seller for a couple bucks and my part was done.

A short week later… I received my original tape, successfully transferred onto a DVD as advertised. Upon looking at the return postage, I noticed it cost the seller $3.31 to send my tape and DVD back to me. Hmmm.

RECAP: The seller, received $2.99 from me, which eBay AND paypal took their cut of it. The seller then took an hour of his time to transfer my tape to one of his DVD’s, packaged it all up and mail it back to me for $3.31 postage, plus his packaging material costs!

I’ve given up on trying to rationalize how this is possible and the only thing I can do is write it in my blog.

Maybe he’s hoping to stumble across some secret home-made movies to hold ransom over somebody some day? All he has from me is some three year olds singing God Bless America and WAY too many minutes of vacation bible school dancing, so I don’t think I’ll be paying anything to make those go away.

Late Note: For a clear conscience, I sent him an extra $5.00 to cover his DVD and shipping cost ….. maybe that’s his motivation?! I also found the cable to connect my camcorder to my computer so I did the other 28 tapes myself. 🙂

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