Aly’s Cameo in The Nutcracker Ballet

20150104 aly nutcracker newspaperThe Moscow Ballet came into town (Cleveland) a few months ago and selected several kids to dance in their production of The Nutcracker.

Aly’s been practicing with the other girls for a couple months and finally just before Christmas, had her bright and shiny moment.

The performance was on December 22 at the Music Hall in Cleveland and with family and friends, we brought a huge cheering section for her. I secretly think that’s part of their marketing plan to get more butts in seats.

It was the first Ballet I have ever been to, and after about 60 seconds, I asked Jean why nobody was talking.

It was pretty cool to see her and Ella up there on stage as support dancers and I’m pretty proud of her.

The Gateway news picked up a photo of her and Ella in their Christmas memories section.

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