Biking… Our New Hobby

Now that Jean and I are sitting around and staring at each other with no kids to corral, we’ve decided to take up biking. Healthy exercise that we can do together! Bit the bullet and picked up some nice bikes that should serve us well. I went for the 2021 Giant Roam 4 and Jean found the 2021 Liv Rove 4. Somehow, in the post-covid limited inventory era, we found the EXACT bikes we wanted at Marty’s Bike Shop in Stow. The folks at Marty’s were incredibly helpful and super nice. Would suggest that shop to anyone as the service is incredible.

After some research, we’ve found the Kent/Akron area is littered with dozens of great trails. Looking forward to discovering all of them. Our first ride (photo above) took us to downtown Kent on a 9 mile ride. The 15-mile second ride the next day taught us we need to figure out some padding in the rear side region!