Nate’s First Browns Game

Nate Browns GameI scored 4 free tickets to the Browns vs Bengals game today. Thanks to Steve Armbrecht for that gift. It was truly appreciated.

I was able to take Nathan to his first Browns game. We invited good friends Ed and Jared Tuma, to go with us.  It was Jared’s first Browns game as well.

The game was an excellent game to go to, as it was close the whole game up to the last minute of regular play.  A tie at 20 sent the game into sudden death overtime.  With many, many, many, many changes to score, the Browns fell short and lost to a field goal with only seconds left in overtime.

A real disappointing loss since we were really ready for a Browns win.

We spent the first half of the game in our regular seats, and then snuck down to the lower bowl 50-yard line for the 2nd half.  Great seats all around and had an awesome time.

Nates First Browns GameThe fun wasn’t over with the game.  While idling in traffic down the center lane of East 9th street in downtown Cleveland, we smelled some burning rubber and plastic.  We just said “Someone’s car isn’t smelling so great”.  At that same moment, a walker on the sidewalk told us our tail light was on fire! Yes. I glanced in the side-view mirror and saw smoke and flames coming from the tail-light.  Ed and I quickly jumped out of the car, collected a small water bottle and Nate’s Fruitopia and threw it on the tail-light for a quick sizzle.  Luckily I had a screwdriver in the back of the van so we quickly removed the whole plastic assembly and dumped another bottle of water on the smoldering mess.  Thanks to the guy on the sidewalk for that. Seconds later a police-man came up to us (van in the middle of east 9th) and he told us to move on…… I asked him if I could put the fire out first.  He kind of smiled and said OK. We ended up just ripping the tail-light enclosure clean off the van since it was molded to the wire. Threw it in the back of the van and went on our way without any other mishaps.

All in all, even though the Browns loss 20-23, it was a pretty fun day.

Thanks again Steve Armbrecht.

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