Camping at Geneva State Park Campground

It was great to finally get our camper and officially nail down our first outing of the season with OUR CAMPER. Definitely not as fun camping without YOUR camper and YOUR stuff. With all systems go, we had a great weekend camping with Marsineks at the Geneva State Park Campground. This was also the first camping trip with our new bikes which made us able to ride a few miles to downtown Geneva on the Lake. A great little city with tons of wineries and little bars to hop around to. Was also our first outing using our new Blackstone Grill. Wow, what a game changer for some meals. Really opens up the possibilities and boy to I love not leaning over a flaming hot campfire to cook bacon!

Jean and I also got to experience a blast to the past by playing the game we met at while working at Geauga Lake….. Fascination. It was pretty funny when we walked in and we let the worker explain the game to us. Jean was the only one of us 4 to win and she walked away with…….. lip balm.

All in all a great trip and can’t wait to go back there, but having the bikes is a must!