Jean’s Akron Marathon Relay Team 2012

20120929 akronmarathonWell you can check this off the list of things I figured my wife would never do.  Run… and run alot. Jean was part of a relay team in the Akron Marathon this weekend. She ran with her cousin Joy Salberg, Angela Novotny, Mike Marsinek’s cousin Jeff and Angela’s cousin Mel. She ran the first leg of the race of 3.9 miles with a time of 41:01. Yes, 41 minutes of straight running, and that’s with fighting the 15,000 person crowd in the beginning of the race, which is another thing on the list of things she won’t be involved with. I’m pretty proud of her as she just began running this year. Her facebook post below sums it up.

It’s not the half or the full, but for me, it’s a HUGE life accomplishment. Prior to May 1 of this year- I didn’t run AT ALL!!!!!!! Today I had the honor of running the first leg of the Akron Marathon. It was a totally surreal and amazing experience!!!! Seeing all those people at the starting line, fireworks booming over head, people everywhere, bands playing- and me being able to run 4 miles for 4 beautiful inspirations- just breathtaking!!!!!!!!

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