Coaching Nate Has Come to an End.

20130701 natecoachingendWell it’s one more of those unfortunately sad milestones I guess I’ll hit now that I’m over 40. But I can keep a smile on my face reflecting back over the years.

I’ve coached over 20 of Nate’s football, basketball and baseball teams for over 10 years now and yesterday was his last baseball game before going into high school where my (structured) coaching of him will end. Won’t ever really end!

It’s truly been one of the highlights of fatherhood that I can’t put a price on.

I’m fairly certain every one of those teams have had Nate’s cousin Nick Keba on it as well and having my nephew on the team with us, has also made my coaching time that much more special. Thanks Nick.

Here’s a photo of Nate and Nick together in their first year of T-ball in 2003 and another in likely their last year together at 14u in 2013. Ten quick years a’flying by.

The wonder years for him and I!

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