Tour De Brimfield 2009

Well this year’s annual pilgrimage to Brimfield did not dissapoint.  We opted not to start with the crew at dinner, but met up with them shortly after. The Keba’s joined us for their second tour along with tour-virgins…. the Wagners.

We started at Rico’s around 8:00p where the clan was already well over 25 and in full gear.  After a few drinks and watching the CAV’s win, the herd headed across the street to the Shenandoah, stopping traffic just by the sheer number of people crossing RT-43.  Swinging the front doors open, the 4 current patrons of the bar couldn’t help but notice the 30 strong herd flowing through the front door. With the majority of us in our custom-made red shirts, it was a grand entrance for the tour.  For the next hour or two I’m sure they sold more alcohol than the previous few weeks combined. The inpromtu throwback game of quarters on the bar was a hit, and thank God nobody bought one of those cabbage stuffed banana peppers or there would have been some early hurling.

Once the word was given, the herd flowed back out the front doors, we could not hit Jager’s Pub, the usual next stop on the tour.  Unfortunately they were shut down, and I would think our annual visit alone would keep them in business. So we headed to the last stop a little earlier than normal. Sully’s was the smallest of all the pubs and barely held all 35 of us comfortably. Without a doubt the most business they’ve ever seen at once. After several hours and almost closing the place, I’m sure their sales were a record number that night.

I thought I’d compile the top 10 things learned on this tour.

  1. Smoking ban’s don’t really apply in Brimfield.
  2. Bouncing a quarter into a shot glass is not easy.
  3. If you spend hundreds of dollars on alcohol you get free popcorn.
  4. Some people actually pay to eat cabbage stuffed banana peppers.
  5. You can’t dance on the bar at Sully’s.
  6. You can take your dog to the bar with you at Sully’s.
  7. You can’t climb onto the roof at Sully’s without a ladder.
  8. You can take pool sticks onto RT-18 and air guitar if you want to.
  9. ZZ Top hangs out in Brimfield.
  10. Even drunk, you can make a human pyramid.

Thanks to all for a great night. We took 166 pictures that night, and unlike Jean’s thousand picture facebook gallery, you can check out my narrowed down Tour Photo Gallery. We look forward to next years tour!

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