Team Josh & Akron Marathon Article in the Beacon

20140922 marathoninterviewThe Akron Beacon Journal wrote up an article about the numerous relay teams in the Akron Marathon this year and how so many of them were built from people supporting cancer victims. They decided to spotlight Josh and our family and celebrating his success thus far as conquring his bout with cancer.

There ended up being a pretty large writeup and several picture of us and the Tshirts. It was pretty good recognition of what Josh went through.

Jean coordinated six relay teams and there will be over 50 runners sporting the “Team Josh” shirts in the marathon all together.  We ended up selling/creating over 100 shirts all together so thanks to all for supporting Josh and the family during it all.

I know there’s not alot of success stories out there when it comes to cancer so it’s nice to be involved in one finally.

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