Labor Day Camping at Roundup Campground

20120901_labordayJust a little entry to tribute another successful camping trip with good friends. Congratulations to the Marsineks for moving up from a tent to a pop-up. Even though Round-up Camping Resort wasn’t all we hoped, we still had a blast. Honestly, you could put us all in the middle of a 1,000 acre field and we’d have the same time… as long as we had a campfire and some beer.

My top 10 things about 2012 Labor Day Camping


  • Batten down the hatches for Hurricane Isaac
  • Moral victories ARE better than victories
  • Another “heated” swimming pool
  • Sky Lantern – Heyoooooooooo
  • 3 trips home for forgotten things – just for my family alone
  • Good wood vs. bad wood
  • Golf cart parade
  • Propane torch from hell
  • Marsineks new camper they have yet to set up
    and finally…
  • I’ll never make Jiffy Pop the same way again

Here is a very small gallery of the weekend.

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